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Hi, GE dishwasher model number - ( PDW8280N20SS serial number - SR705430B ) while running the dishwasher and after the cycle was completed a burnt plasticy odor eminated from the dishwasher. I investigated and discovered that the exterior of the dishwasher was extremely hot to the point where it burned to the touch. The dishwashers heating element was energized and continually ran until I turned the circuit breaker off in order for it to go off. I opened the door and lots of heat and steam escaped causing a crack on the countertop directly above the dishwasher. All plastic items within melted including the lower spray arm. This is a serious safety issue, had I not been home to turn off the circuit breaker this may have resulted in a fire.

I called GE consumer relations and they sent a tech over to inspect. The tech gave me an estimate for repairs of $382.15. Called GE consumer relations back and after repeated complaints to them they offered to supply me the parts free but I would be responsible for the labor cost of $194.98. they also gave me the number to their insurance company regarding a claim for the countertop.

This is unacceptable. I am requesting that GE take responsibility for the repairs as well at no cost to me.

Bottom line, I own all GE appliances, never again...

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Woke to find over heating of dishwasher, melted plastic, burnt plastic inside unit and shut power as heating continued after opening. Kindest words for product, fire hazard and junk.

Time to move on to a Better Brand as GE has gone down over the years.

This model should have a major recall as someone may die due to this setting fire to wood framing of counter. It was hot enough to burn my fingers.


Hi, This is Di with GE, I regret to hear of your situation. We would like to see what options are avaialable to assist you. Please send an email to with your case # or phone number and we will research for you.

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