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Purchased this stainless steel dishwasher in June 2012. Has never totally cleaned the dishes, silverware, etc.

I use the Cascade extra action packet, Cascade gel detergent soap, and a rinse. I turned up my water heater, which is hotter than recommended but still have dirty dishes. An example would be a bowl with some whipped cream that wasn't clean and a knife with banana residue that didn't come clean. I never do a short load...always use the full cycle and I rinse the dishes before putting in the dishwasher.

I'm very disappointed and wish I'd never have purchased the dishwasher.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Dishwasher.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #816482

I have the same GE model GLD5768V00SS and it simply won't clean the dishes. Silverware comes out gross and we have to pre-scrub any bowl we used for soup/chili. I'm sick of it and getting reid of it after less than 2 years.


I have the same problem, just bought mine cost $600+ and its only been two months. Customer service SUCKS and they sent a repair guy who dint know how to fix anything and had to send someone else. A nightmare and WILL NEVER by GE again!

to Anonymous Junction City, Kansas, United States #722801

You are so right...GE has gone to the dogs. I had my kitchen remodeled and have always had GE, but this time it's been a nightmare.

I also bought a glass top stove and will never again do that. I want to get rid of it and go back to my electric stove. I wish I had reviewed this site before purchasing any of my items. I also had Kraftmaid cabinets installed and they are the worse.

I bought all this thru Lowes and since no one is working with me Lowes is off my list. Kraftmaid tried to help but when I showed the rep how the cabinets were already losing the color he didn't offer a partial refund, nothing. It's a shame that we have to fight these people. The customer service is truly the last place I will ever call.

I'll go thru someone else. I don't know what happened, but customer service for a lot of place stink. I've considered going thru the Better Business Bureau, but decided not to.

There are enough regrets on this site and I think they will pay in the end. Thanks for your input, I appreciate that.

to Ega Junction City, Kansas, United States #722804

Sorry I meant to say customer service in a lot of places stink.

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