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When using my low energy GE dishwasher the dishes come out with baked on soap. Three times GE service plus contact with their so call engineering department has driven me around in circles but no resolution of the problem.

They say change your soap to a different brand. I have tried 4 different brands. They say the machine works as designed. I know that.

Therein lies the problem. They say because it works as designed they can do nothing for me, sorry. They are polite when they are telling me I am out of luck. You have to prewash the dishes, wash them in the machine, soak them in white vinegar to remove the baked on soap and then hand wash them again .

Some labor saving device. But it works as designed

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Dishwasher.

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Ours just quit working. It's 18 months old. The water won't drain out.

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