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I think it sucks that GE appliance customer service will only schedule repairs in 5hr windows which require a person to *** work to get their appliance repairs done, I asked for a simple 2 hr window from 3-5pm and told them I would wait for what ever day is available so I would not loose money by having to *** work to sit around the house just in case they show up. A big company like GE you would think they could better control their workers.

When I asked to speak to all I got was the initial woman to schedule the service and I had to repeatedly ask to speak to her supervisor and after I spoke with him to no avail he told me that there was no one else to speak too.

That this is it or nothing. To many of the big companies these days don't know the meaning of customer service and I for one will never buy a GE appliance again and will not recommend them to any of my friends.

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I had a scheduled appt. from 8am - 5pm today.

No one showed!!! No one called!! When I contacted customer service I was told they couldn't reach the technician. It is now 8 at night.

GE sure makes it known what THEIR charges are for making the housecall..but what about MY time?? Isn't that worth something. They can't give me the courtesy of a simple phone call to reschedule or let me know they aren't going to make it.

So far, I'm not impressed with the customer service. I may just end up buying a new appliance NOT GE and having a different company install it!!

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