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My less than 6 year GE Profile Fridge purchased along with all matching items -- oven, microwave and dishwasher during a kitchen remodel has been deemed "unrepairable" by a reputable (ABT) company who attempted to fix it by replacing the main board (twice) and compressor. Although there was power to the board nothing from the compressor.

Was informed that there was a dead something in the harness. With that said was informed to call GE because of the young age, that this rarely happens and that GE would most likely issue a credit of sorts towards a new fridge. WELL, all started off well when speaking to Norris at GE's Consumer Relations group. He provided me a case # and what was a "direct" line to him and said that ABT would need to call to give the details of what they determined -- no problem.

And that's where the experience has turned into b.s.. After ABT called multiple times and waiting on hold 20+ minutes (I did as well) we asked for a fax number so the work orders could be sent, when I called to simply make sure the fax was received (not necessarily reviewed) was informed that alghouth it is a paper fax they needed to wait for it to be scanned, sent to the case worker (Norris) and then it would be in the system for them to tell me if the fax was even received. And of course this individual could help because although I dialed the "direct" extension was apparently now not speaking to someone on Norris' team so they could not provide further details. After they tried to "IM" Norris several times he finally responded he'd get back to me in 24 hours.

That didn't sit well so called again a little later and to my surprised actually went into Norris' actual voicemail. Requested that he simply call to let me know the fax was received -- again it is a paper copy -- so that in case it was not it could be sent again. NO RESPONSE. I went onto GE's appliance website -- sent and email.

NO RESPONSE even though received one of those we'll get back to you shortly (24 hours later still nothing). Next day (my 24 hour window) called the direct line to reach Christine (nice woman) who tells me essentially the same thing the other woman told me that there's nothing in the system, can't do anything and that Norris has tagged the case for follow up another day out. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! And of course, she can't help because she's not on "his" team.

What does that even mean?! If I'm dialing a direct number at the very least the call should bounce to someone on "his" team if everyone cannot assist. And now I wait again for a CS rep who can only speak to a script to decide when they'll follow up and if they'll do anything. All the while we have NO fridge - but hey don't worry Christine suggested I can rent or buy a dorm size fridge until all is figured out because these things take time.

Even "IF" GE provides a discount towards another model it could take 10+ business days to received. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDINIG ME?! It sure didn't take GE any time to charge my credit card when I bought what has turned out to be a piece of *** and mostly due to the horrible customer service. Can you not talk to human beings anymore who actually do something.

Here's a thought -- how about do away with "paper" and have faxes deliver to the computer; then you cut down on killing trees, physically scanning, etc..

It shouldn't take 24-48 hours for a fax to be received, scanned" into a system and routed to a CS rep and another 24-48 hours for a CS rep to respond. Customer Relations -- there is not at GE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Microwave.

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