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I have a GE Profile microwave which stopped working after less than 2 years. Warranty only good for 1 year. I called 800-432-2737 on the manual for GE Customer Care service. They said the charge was $99 to come out and apply it to service and labor. When the tech came out he clarified the charges stating the $99 did NOT cover any service, labor, or parts. It only covered sending out the technician and diagnosing the problem! After diagnosing he said the total would be $215!! I only spent $199 for the microwave brand new!! A quick search on the internet showed the new same featured model for $169!! When I pointed it out to the tech he agreed buying a new one would also give you a 1 year warranty on everything compared to his 90-day warranty on his parts. THEN they offerred to sell me a new one for $269 which would "waive" the $99 tech fee. However, they would take the old one away when they delivered the new one. How coincidental that their $269 price is $100 more than buying it at a local store!! They said if I did not want to repair it ($215) and did not want a new one ($269), then I would still have to pay the $99 tech fee. What a rip off.

I said I was not properly informed that the $99 tech fee was for simply diagnosing and not applied to the cost of the repair. I refused all their offers. I told them it was not fair to bait and switch me on the $99 tech fee.

After the tech left, I called a local appliance repair shop. They estimated labor at $45 plus parts based on the diagnosis by the tech. I brought it to the store, they fixed it and I picked it up the same day. Total cost $54.

GE Customer Care service is expensive and predatory. They come to your home and come up with a repair bill that is greater than the cost of the unit brand new. Then they offer to sell and deliver a new one for much higher than simply buying it at the store. And if you buy a new one from them they demand to take you old one (probably so they can repair it for a few bucks and sell it as refurbished for pure profit).

BEFORE you call GE Customer Care for any appliance beyond the full warranty, call you local appliance store and try to get an estimate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Warranty.

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