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Dishwasher's only purpose is to fill the 30" gap that would otherwise exist between the cabinets. If you don't thoroughly rinse all dishes prior to loading, it will not clean them. The rack design is retarded, so even standard size plates won't stand or line up straight. Can't run unattended as sometimes the heating element won't shut off, and will melt even dishwasher safe plastics that are on the top shelf, and would likely set your house on fire if you didn't stop it by opening the door.

Gas range is OK, but the paint flakes off the burner covers. GE has been good about sending replacements, but once the warranty is up, you are on your own.

Microwave looks good and works fine, but the fan rattles loudly. Probably just a matter of time before it craps out and proves as worthless as the dishwasher.

So much for GE and all of their Six Sigma Quality Control! Never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Microwave.

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Purchased extended warranties on my entire kitchen which all has GE are line appliances. Extended warranties give you 4 extra years of 'protection' after the first years totaling 5.

Anyway, the knob on the cafe oven broke off at the metal rod. My knobs are all metal and do not come off like plastic ones (like for cleaning). I called inane was told knobs are consumable and not covered. There is no way to turn the burner on now.

Its not like I can simply buy a new knob and pop it on...

the rod is broke and I didn't take any welding classes in high school (sarcasm). Worthless.


We bought the new cafe series applicances for our new house.Just after the warranty expires the knobs broke, all of them, they are made of a cheap plastic.

I bought replacements and eventuall they broke, I bought two more and they are better quality but are now made of metal and can get very hot when cooking with the stove (currently waiting on the other plastic ones to break). These new "versions" are also a different diameter and look bad. We thought this series was a very high quality, considering the cost, but next remodel we will consider a different brand appliance. The real issue is that a few times the gas will not turn competely off because off the design on the knob, this has happened twice to us.

I posted a review on a consumer website and was asked be GE to contact "nikki" see post below... wee I have contacted her three times at the email address given with no response. You all should be asshamed for charging so much for this nice "looking" stove and using such a cheap design on the knobs. We love all the other cafe appliances and even the stove, too bad about the knobs... these should be recalled!

Denver, Colorado, United States #695906

If anyone knows of a place to purchase the old plastic replacement knobs for the GE Cafe range, let me know. One of my power burner knobs is cracked.

The new ones have been upgraded and are smaller in diameter leaving a gap.



Hello, this is Donna with GE. I am so sorry to hear about your experience with your GE dishwasher.

We would like to help. So that we can work with you directly, can you email us your contact information and details at please?

Thank you.

San Francisco, California, United States #683976

We bought our GE Cafe gas range/oven in 2008 and were pleased for the most part except for knobs. Beware they break...complete design flaw.

The plastic tip where the knob connects to the stove cracks and basically the entire knob needs to be replaced. I'm kinda surprised GE didn't issue a recall for the knobs - since a broken one may cause the burner to be stuck in the on position...

Bought GE cafe electric range and dishwasher about 2 years ago. The dishwasher had to be repaired three times in first year but warranty covered and now works fine but not great.

Now my electric range stove top won't come on. The oven works fine but I am having yet another repair call. This time no warranty. These are just not well made and dependable.

They are beautiful but pretty doesn't count for dependable. I am very sad that these arent better. Don't buy.

My mom bought a kitchenaide for half the money and has never had any issues. :roll
to shar Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States #645049

Hi Shar,

I'm really sorry to hear this. Please emails the specifics on the model(s)to and we'll be happy to review the situation.


Vikki with GE

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #643702

Had a problem with broken knobs for our GE Cafe range. Saw the post by the GE_Appliances people with the email address.

Emailed, and was blown away by their response.

Sent new knobs at no cost. Seriously people, email them, and they'll help.


Hi, This is Vikki with GE. I regret to hear of your experience with your GE appliances. If you will please email the details to us at we will be happy to look into your situation.


I am very disappointeed with my purchase of these aplliances. The dishwasher is terrible I have a new Kitchenaide dishwasher in a second home and its performance is far superior.

On the stove when theovenis on the knobs get so hot...the stainless steel is ridiculous to clean and the grates are all scratched and the sotve is only three months old...the counter depth refrigerator doesn't even fit a half gallon of milk well. Once again i boght a new Kenmore for my vacation home and half the price and I love it....


I can't speak for the other appliances, but I have the GE Cafe dual fuel free standing range, and I can say that I LOVE everything about it The gas cooktop does everything I want it to, and the electric convection oven is the best I've ever used. It's handy to have the second oven/warming drawer, though the main oven is so huge that I rarely use the drawer.

We have cooked three large home-made pizzas at the same time in the main oven, and they come out evenly cooked and browned with no rotating of the pans required. My (Canadian) Thanksgiving dinner for 14 was a breeze.

I find it easy to clean and it looks great too. I did choose other brands for my fridge and dishwasher after doing some research, but I can't rave enough about this range.


Side by side Cafe Refrig and stove. Boufht both units 2 years ago this month, now the compressor is bad and it costs 660 to repair, only one year warranty, we are done with GE after 25 years of their appliances, we paid for a premium unit, We will rplace with generic for less than half the price and anticipate longer than 2 years on the unit


glad i found this page before i bought the GE Cafe series for my new kitchen.


Hello. This is Julie from GE.

I am so sorry to read about the issues described here.

Please email us at and we'll work with you to find a solution. This is certainly not typical - thanks!


omg gosh now im at a loss I dont no what to waste my money on lol frig are we *** our country allows big buisness to have so much control I just purchase Lg stove an its a piece of poo , so I thought I gogood ole ge instead an the cafe series was what i was thing omg good I cant beleive my eyes seeing all the compliants an they havent been out long im so confussed now


Basic advice: don't buy this overpriced & under-performing gas range!

We bought our expensive GE "Cafe Series" gas range when we finally started renovating our home after Hurricane Katrina, and like so many others who have reviewed this range, we are disappointed for multiple reasons:

The "stainless steel" knobs are cheap plastic and now a 2nd *** (GE part #222D1387) has cracked and become useless for turning the gas burners ON or OFF, or for adjusting the flame height.

Also, the center griddle burner is terrible -- it takes forever to heat up the griddle and never heats evenly, we have never been able to use it for its intended purpose!

Likewise, the convection oven seems to take longer to cook everything.

And it really is DUMB to have the two large burners in the front, assuming you are a serious cook, thereby making it a challenge just to get to any smaller pots once you have two large pots on the front burners.

Very, very disappointed overall.

The range looks good, for sure -- but looks aren't everything especially once you start actually using your range for what it's intended, namely cooking!

to Warren in NOLA Boston, Massachusetts, United States #601611


Knobs are terrible (dangerous if they fail while the flame is on)

Gas burner caps flake apart

And yes! A small burner in front would have been logical.

In 25yrs of cooking, I've never spent so much for so little.

We also bought the range/dishwasher/fridge and micro. I am very upset about the Dishwasher.

I can see build up in the little holes that spin the water around and i can't clean it it just keeps spreads around the little pieces of crud...the dishes actually come out dirtier than when we put them in...sooooo frustrated! NO help from customer service :(

We have had the GE Cafe Over the Range Advantium Oven and the Cafe Gas range for 7 months with no problems. We love them.


Bought the suite of Cafe line. It looked great but doesn't work.

I tore the dishwasher out and stopped payment. They came and got it from the curb. The microwave died after 2 years, bought a Kitchen aide. THe knobs on the stove break repeatedly.

I have been burnt more than once.

Buy Kitchen aide and stick with it. THese appliances are ***!!!

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