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I bought a GE Cafe refrigerator and I hate it. The icemaker will not keep up at all with our needs.

Mind you, there are 2 people in my house! Now my freezer door keeps popping open every time we open the frig and frequently on its own. I come home from work or shopping and find my freezer door open about an inch. Had I known they were so energy "Inefficient", I would have run the other way instead of purchasing a kitchen full of Cafe appliances!

The dealer I purchased the appliances from (Pat Goff's Appliances in Las Cruces NM) now tells me they no longer service the appliances they sell.

So on top of a poorly engineered refrigerator, the dealer who sells them has bailed on me as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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I had not found this information when I was researching appliances. I saved for years, and just redid my kitchen and purchased the entire Cafe line.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the double gas range, microwave. Have not used dishwasher yet, waiting to install water softener FIRST and give it every chance to function. But the french door fridge is a piece of ***. After two service calls and a third pending, and a case escalating with customer care, i still have a unit which freezes my vegetables.

Their smart aleck customer service person just told me to keep everything to the front of the fridge, that THAT is normal. Bull excrement. My bagged spinach, in the front of the veg bin, closest to the door, basically as far from the back as possible, is a ball of ice. There is snow in the freezer section, quite often.

I am beyond disappointed in this piece of ***. I kept the old fridge and so far, I have MORE food in the old one, in the garage, than I do in the one that I paid PREMIUM amounts of money for, to have it match the stove/microwave, etc.

Not. Happy.

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