Quality is poor and service contract is useless. Took contracted service 3 trips to determine range had loose wiring from manufacturing.

Serviceman wanted me to hire electrician at my expense to "fix my wiring problem"! The appliance dealer I purchased from won't even sell GE any more.

I will never by GE again.

The electronic on the microwave failed in fourteens months and cost $570 to replace.

GE quality control is lacking and customer relations takes no responsibility.

Told me my service contract was an independent contractor they do not control. Even though the serviceman wears a GE logo on his shirt and logo on truck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Microwave.

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Berkeley, California, United States #600401

Thanks so much for posting this; we'll be appliance shopping (pretty much all of them), in the near future. I WILL NOT BE LOOKING AT GE BRANDS!

FWIW, laZboy furniture does NOT service customer problems, your purchase is immediately turned over to the "Something-or-Other-Chair-Company" and LazyBoy has no obligation to your customer satisfaction whatsoever. WORD OF WARNING to all customers, READ THE ENTIRE CONTRACT before signing anything. Take it home, sleep on it, read your contract (before signing). I wish now I would have been a better consumer. To be fair, this was several yrs ago, they could have changed their policy. These days most phones can do video. If I had the guts, I would have video'd their responses to the million questions I would have had, after all the RESEARCH I would have done!*


At the very least, make them show you -where- in the contract you're signing, it says thus-and-so. If they start squirming, tell them you need to go home and "check the measurements again"... Then SKEE-DADDLE!


The name sez it all Cafe, you will end up eating at one if you buy this over priced home depot ***

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