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I came across some blogs on the GE Cafe line discussing issues. You won't believe this...we spent $7K on the Cafe line of appliances. We had to replace the microwave three times...the dishwasher twice...and the refrigerator doors once. UNBELIEVABLE! We requested GE to take all of the appliances back and they refused. They gave us a measley 4 year extended warranty that we demanded for the dysfunctional appliances. Here were the problems:

Microwave: 1st: dented left lower side; dent upper left side; venting would open and close twice and then stay closed with the microwave on. 2nd: Dents again in the lower left; Key pad visual became distorted so you couldn't read anything 3rd: dents in the lower left again and the key pad went completely out!

Dishwasher: 1st: Door was crooked on tub (bent); water leaked on the top control panel from condensation; leak in rubber seal on left side of door. 2nd: Installer filled dishwasher with two large glasses of water to prime pump; he turned dishwasher on; all of the water came pouring out on the floor; inspection revealed the dishwasher came with a nut missing on the clamp that holds the motor female end that attaches to the male end that goes into the dishwasher tub.

Refrigerator: 1st: right door dented; left door ice maker/water dispenser frame dented; water leaked out from capture tray behind the frame and on to the front of the door onto the floor. 2nd: icemaker/water dispenser frame not latched on lower left side (sticks out): began leaking water again.

Awaiting GE appt to repair.

No problems (yet with dual fuel range). Dishwasher stays wet after cycle; rep sent bottle of staydry to fix it!


Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Microwave.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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If a door , tube is dented or misalligned the delivery peoples are more likely to blame as well as broken wheel , if you have condesation on the diswasher control panel , is the top of your dish washer over 1/2 inch clearance from the counter top , if not your installer did nmot do a proper job , you can aleviate that issue by leaving the door partially open to allow the condesation to dry after cycle . Just remenber it is ok for you to refuse an appliance that is dented or doors misaligned , those are deliveries issues ./


Further note......Maybe GE would eventually "listen" to me next time if I burn or seriously injure myself when pulling my hot stove and burners away from the wall to reach the plug to "reset" the panel one of these times!


After waiting over 30 years to gut and remodel my kitchen, I chose what I thought to be "top of the line" appliances. GE CAFE Gas Range being one of them.

I spared no cost. Well, it has been 4 years and in addition to have getting the "cracked and melted" knobs replaced, center burner not burning correctly, the biggest and ongoing issue has been the electronic control panel. The oven goes out and the control panel goes dead. In order to get it going again, the stove must be pulled from the wall (now I am dealing with hot burners and hot pots that have to be moved) unplugged for a few minutes and plugged back in.

This resets the a reboot. I have had this panel replaced three times, and now waiting for the fourth one to be replaced! Each time a repair man comes I have to set aside a day for him to come out to diagnose and then wait another week, and set aside another day for the install. Two weeks of pulling out the "hot" stove from the wall, unplugging and plugging, and putting it back in place!

My warranty is up in a few months which means that future panel replacement and service call will all be at my own expense. Customer relations had no answers and no resolution to my $2500 plus Cafe Range's ongoing issues. They wouldn't even agree to extend my warranty to cover future problems with the control panel So, so disappointing and frustrating.

GE does not stand by their product. Although I love my GE fridge and have had no problems whatsoever, I will never, purchase another GE product again.


I bought the GE Cafe Dishwasher in March 2010 and in January 2012 they keypad started to malfunction. In April 2012 they keypad stopped working all together and had to have GE rapair come out to fix.

they said it was the keypad and then further explained that there is a design flaw with that model and the keypad will continue to stop working. It seems the dishwasher was desinged to have a 1" gap between it and the counter top to release the heat so the the keypad doesnt "short out". GE decided to put the dishwasher on the market anyway.

First, no one ever explained this prior to making the purchase and secondly how would anyone go about raising their existing countertop by 1". So even though I paid $200 in labor charges to have the keypad replaced, I can expect the same thing to occur again in another 1-2 years.


Purchased a new GE cafe and withing the first few washings the dishes did not clean well. Had a tech out and it was clogged.

That was first year... we keep using some expensive cleaner to keep it cleaning fairly. Now it will not pump out the water at all.. nope line is not plugged.

Now to dissasemble the whole thing to find out if it is the pump. Will never do business with Ge again.

I see nothing but Ge in the junk yards all the time... should have known better.n What a waste of money.


Bought GE Cafe dual fuel range and it seems to be OK. But the Diswasher is simply junk!

Doesn't clean the dishes, doesn't leave the dishwasher interior clean and the service manual is useless.

We are 60+ no kids, run it 3-4 times a week, so it is not high use by any means. Mortally disappointed .....will never buy GE stuff again.

GE cafe dishwasher is the worse I have ever owned. Does NOT clean dishes.

I have to wash dishes by hand. I'll be looking to replace it soon. Had tech to the house several times. Emailed GE.

No response. Will never buy GE products again.

Hope these comments will help someone looking to buy a dishwasher. :cry

Agreed! GE Cafe diswasher is does not clean! What is the point of a dishwasher if you have to wash the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher.


I have all GE Cafe appliances and they all have problems. They're not even two years old by the way.

Dishwasher touchpad stopped working, can't change the cycle. Luckily it's stuck in "normal."

Microwave control panel essentially melted, and will certainly happen again if I use my range normally.

The range works fine but its design makes cleaning an absolute nightmare.

The fridge (counter depth) has very little room. I know this is my fault for buying it. Not to mention the water hose for the dispenser constantly freezes, even when temps are set above recommended.

Don't buy these appliances. They should be used for model home only. Great to look at is all i can say.


My GE Cafe microwave is 1 yr and 2 months old and produces an error code that indictes that the touch screen is shorted. Microwave cost $500 new and the part to repair is over $600.

What a great deal!!!! No more GE in my house.


I purchased a GE Washer and Dryer. Two years later, the washer needed to be practically re-built.

The washer tub rattled and finally stopped altogether. It took three weeks for the parts to arrive and for the day the machine would be repaired, when the repairman cancelled the appointment without notifying me. I have to wait another ten days to have it repaired. Not sure what will happen because I am still waiting.

Not only did I receive poor service from GE, but also from the Extended Warranty Company - Assurance. The next time, I will purchase a better quality machine and guess what - it won't be a GE.


Cafe Dishwasher is total garbage. Smartdispense never worked - tech came, closed it and told us not to use it!

Despite perfect installation it rarely drains properly.

But these are minor complaints. The big issue is that it doesn't clean the dishes very well.


In less than 1 year, first microwave, the display went,the second,the paint chipped on the bottom right corner of the face frame where the closed door made contact.Using the third one.Dishwasher,heat fan runs continually after the cycle,getting the counter very hot and wasting my money.The tech changed the computer and the fan-no good,they are replacing the entire dishwasher.Electric range,left burners hum loudly,even after the power is changed the burner ring,then returned and changed a transformer behind the stove.NO GOOD,now the lead tech is comming monday.My wife better get a eeeeeextended warranty out of these bandits!

control panel and smart dispense pump replaced 3 times to stop detergent from oozing out continuously. Now say it is suppose to work that way and it is a minimal amount and that there is no way for the detergent to come in contact with the dishes! Isn't it designed to dispense the soap out the end to come in contact with the dishes? :x

Cafe vent / microwave
Door dented replaced twice
Control panel and some other magic parts replace 3 times because panel fades away and eventual goes wacky every time burner is used underneath. Not to mention the fact that the handle becomes branding temperature. Was told to turn vent on to prevent panel but did not help. Last time it even started turning itself on. :upset

Dual Fuel Double oven Replaced once after so many repairs that tech deemed structurally unfix able. Is now making a metal hitting metal sound in back so I turned it on today while tech was "fixing" the microwave. He ordered more parts and asked what day I would be available next week. My neighbors are beginning to "talk"! :roll

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