I purchased the complete line of GE Cafe Appliances when I was in the market for new appliances. I expected the best withe the Cafe line and ended up with junk.

The microwave has had about 10 service calls on it and GE won't replace. The refrigerator is junk and has issues with staying cold one day and then getting too cold and freezing everything in the refrigerator. I have wasted lots of food because of this. Don't waste your money!

Go to another brand. GE doesn't stand behind their product.

I have lots of buyers remorse on my purchase.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Microwave.

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I bought the GE Cafe series microwave and range. The range has design issues that I am learning to live with, but the microwave is a piece of junk made of plastic that they say is "stainless steel in appearance".

The stainless steel in appearance handle has a thin metal looking film that is chipping and peeling.
If you think you are buying stainless steel, look again. This piece of mediocrity cost me $750!!!!!.. What an incredible waste of time and money. The appliance center, Bray and Scarff, Bethesda Md is not willing to replace it.

They are sending a repair man to figure out how to change the handle. I am not optimistic. There do not appear to be any access screws in this plastic make believe stainless steel door! Do not buy GE and do not shop at Bray and Scarff.

They are not customer friendly. I made my purchase in May it was delivered and installed in June. Now twelve weeks later, the handle is melting.

The salesman's response: "too bad it is past the thirty day return period which is clearly stated in your paper work! :( :( :(

Hello. This is Julie from GE and I just saw your post.

Please email us at eResponse@ge.com and we'll check into it. So sorry - thanks!

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