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My washing machine broke before one year was up. I had to wait a week for an appointment. The tech hooked up a computer to the washer and "fixed" it. I was told I couldn't use half of the settings on the machine and not to fill the bucket passed half with laundry. Following directions, it broke less than two weeks later. Same problem. Called for an appointment and had to wait over a week. First they came earlier than the time they told me and I...
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This is what I sent to their service department.NEVER use their appliances. Not a question but a comment on your customer service. What the *** kind of service are you all providing? I have had a broken washer for THREE WEEKS NOW. I have had someone call me TWICE saying that their technician is out sick. Do you only have ONE tech? Not only that, but your representative HUNG UP ON ME. Ridiculous and completely inappropriate. I will NEVER be...
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Ge Appliances Washing Machine Repair Review

WOW, I cant believe GE service! We have only had ou washer 4 weeks and ony been able to use it one week and waiting for the third repair... now they wont replace it saying its beyond the second repair.... Its *** people, *** techs and *** machines, and they are no longer GE its Haier corporation. Quality is not important......