micheal fairbanks wants to issue me a voucher for a microwave which has not worked from day one. we purchased the unit on sale,$70 dollars below retail price and all he will give us is the sale price to try to replace the unit, which is under full warranty from ge.

i have to go out buy the unit, pay for it, send the receipt and the voucher back to him, then they will issue a check for the price of the voucher. is this insane.

the unit is under full warranty just replace it... thank for standing by the products you make out of the usa.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Microwave.

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So, if I want something from GE and they won't give me what I want, all I have to do is demand to speak with a supervisor named jaymeee and threaten to turn him in for the scandal with the rebate girl?


@ Jaymee you bribed your workers into having sex with you by promising promotions? This is an integrity issue and you're a monster!

I would terminate your employment if only one of these girls would come forward to HR... wait, all I have to do is find out who is in charge of rebates for his team and interrogate her.


This is because fairspanks doesn't know that he needs to have sexual relations with his superiors in order for him to do whatever he wants and get away with it. That's how all my employees get what they want.

I have promised promotions to four of my team members in exchange for sex and they all let me *** them but I never delivered my side of the bargain. Well, I let one of them be in charge of rebates...


@Stink Browneye don't you deliver my newspaper? Why did it come soaked in lispy paper boy tears three weeks ago?


@ Stink Browneye I think the odor is the late stages of fermentation of the dead skin cells trapped under the fat rolls compounded by a severe wiping problem. If you want the smell to improve try wrapping a rag on a stick and inconspicuously place it at his workstation.


He no love you long time.


You know the smell that is generated when you dont shower or brush your teeth for a week and then hock a flemer into your palm and rub one off? Thats what Michael Fairbanks smells like!

Its repulsive at best. Makes everyone in the call center want to puke their guts out.



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