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PSB2201 Microwave:

The unit uses the Hi Temp light used for broiling and "speedcooking" to light up the interior when you press the interior light button. This light only stays on for a few seconds and burns a huge amount of wasteful energy.

The appliance has another smaller light that would work fine...but NO! Ge uses the wasteful one, that then FAILS. Then, they have no documentation to replace the bulb. No website customer service info...because this is NOT a consumer serviceable item.

I am a certified electrician and without specs, even I cannot repair this module. This is yet another example of designed FAILURE in order to assist the company make money on product failure.

I would not waste my time on a GE product. The company has no interest in consumer loyalty...nor product reliability.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Microwave.

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One of the guys that work for me was a former GE tech, A good one to, He says this "you can't spell GarbaGE without GE, Nuff Said?


Let's see you bought an appliance from a company that paid no taxes on billions of earnings? ha!


you paid more on the sales tax for you microwave than they paid all year. what a bozo.

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