I sure wish someone told me the truth before I purchased GE CAFE. I bought GE because we wanted American made (once delivered tag said Mexico) and we had good success with prior GE purchases.

Well this stuff if horrible - it's a year since my purchase and lots of Service Calls - Stove *** keeps falling off, try to use broiler and "close door" indicator comes on- it is closed. Dishwasher - took about 9 months to figure out the right soap and right setting. All I wanted to do was to have it clean the dishes and I don't want to analyze the water to have it do just that. Also you have to set the machine on scrubber setting because it doesn't clean dishes on any other setting.

Now the dishwasher leaks on the floor each time I run a load..... the gasket on the door I think need to be replaced. The refrigerator door gaskets have had to be replaced already. The plastic pieces in the freezer just fall off and break.

The microwave - you can't use it if the stove is on under it cause it shorts it out. So the control panel has been replaced but it'll go the next time I try ot use the stove and the microwave at the same time. It's the same set up I had before and it's how it was displaced in the store but the engineers screwed up when the switched the large pilots on the stove.

And all this cost me about $7,000+ . What *** and I'm already planning on buying new appliances in probably a year or 2 because this stuff will never hold.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Dishwasher.

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Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #699811
I also own GE profile 4 out of the 6 are junk in 4 years , Never again!!! :( and yes all 1000 facebook freinds have been notified LOL!!! not to buy GE
Chantilly, Virginia, United States #680082

Also own $7K worth of GE Profile appliances. All junk.

If I could afford it, I'd rip it all out and replace it. SS Microwave/oven combo just died tonight. Again. Third time.

Last time, $700 service. First time, $500.

Only 4 years old. It seems, GE makes it's money on service calls, rather than selling quality products.


Good thing you still have hands, quit being lazy. Stop spending unnecessary cash on *** things as such, suck it up, and use your *** hands. IDIOTS.


Good thing you still have hands, quit being lazy. Stop spending unnecessary cash on *** things as such, suck it up, and use your *** hands. IDIOTS.


have 3 appliances all bought 4 yrs ago. Within a year had repair guy out for dishwashwer and I had to replace the gasket due to leaking.

Never has gotten the dishes clean. Stove temperature is always wrong, so have to leave food in longer then usual. Fridge is now clicking of course and needs new compressor. GE had a good name once upon a time, now they are like everyone else.

Pay more, hose the customer, and get less.

Do NOT buy GE appliances - sheer garbage I had a repair guy tell me that all appliances are *** now... again just to hose us


I agree completely. My GE Cafe appliances are less than 3 years old and are complete ***.

The microwave control panel went out, the dishwasher really only spreads dirt around and there is only one burner that gets hot enough on the range. If I could go back I would purchase something else.


Hi, this is Di with GE. I regret to hear you are having an issue with your Cafe appliances. Please email our team at eresponse@ge.com and we are happy to look into this for you.

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