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Before I start, I want to let everyone know that I THOUGHT I had done my research, but apparently not well enough. My husband and I purchased a brand new GE side-by-side refrigerator in July 2007.

I checked reviews for the product online and looked for just the right model. Then we went to Home Depot and purchased the side-by-side model with clean steel and ice maker. We purposely bought an Energy Star model to reduce our electric bill. We did not buy the extended warranty, because who needs that for a refrigerator that should last at least 10 years for a cheap model.

My parents bought a refrigerator when I was a kid that lasted for almost 20 years, and my grandmother had the same refrigerator for over 40. I registered the model with GE right away. Immediately I began receiving almost daily emails from GE urging me to purchase the extended warranty. We considered it, because it only has a one year warranty, but as I mentioned before it seemed like a waste of money.

About 6 months ago I discovered why they push the warranty so hard. My 2 year old refrigerator began making a horrible alien sound. The sound has now progressed to include an interment grinding noise. Apparently, GE makes the refrigerators to last only as long as the warranty, because we believe the compressor is going out!

Yes, you read that correctly!!! A two year old refrigerator is on its last leg. The best part is that our brand new GE dishwasher, which is less than 2 years old decided to die right before Thanksgiving!!! I will never purchase another GE appliance again.

Thank God the new electric range is an LG!!!! I don't know how we are going to afford to purchase brand new appliances again. We saved to buy the ones we have now for a year! I guess GE is making a killing on their appliances, because they must have a very high profit margin with the shoddy craftsmanship and added bonus of extended warranty sales.

All I have to say is stay away from GE Appliance and spend your money on an LG. So far, it is the only company I've had any luck with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Three weeks going on four with no oven. Purchased in October of 2018.

Never again. Can’t even get them to take it back.


If the water dispenser line freezes up (common problem), a Water Line Buddy is an easy and cheap fix. www.waterlinebuddy.com


Agree. All new GE appliances in 2016 and I'm already looking for replacements.

The dishwasher is the biggest piece of *** I've ever seen. Three warranty calls in the first year and never fixed.


Never buy GE. Go for an Korean brand, like LG, or Samsung. It's not un-American, GE needs to wake up!

to John #1590896

I went through 4 Samsung Microwaves in one week of the same model. 3 had huge dents, and one with a broken door, two from Walmart in Piscataway, One from Walmart in Watchung and One from Home Depot in Piscataway.

They were the Same Model from different stores and locations.

I wrote an email to Samsung CEO and got a generic letter back with nothing. I asked how is this acceptable to Samsung and no answer in the response.


Our GE stove and dishwasher failed within the year. The warranty is useless because the same failures repeat after the 1 year.

I hate this company. They don't help you nor do the local sales companies.


I have a brand new dishwasher that won't even turn on


I have been in so many fights with GE customer service and consumer relations since buying a full set of GE kitchen appliances in the fall of 2016.Refrigerator (model GFE28HMHDES)The first refrigerator we bought lasted ONE DAY before the electronic control panel on the door went out. Refrigerator was replaced by the store.

Immediately started having problems with the new refrigerator (GE 27.8 cu ft French door). It would not keep food cold enough and would rarely ever cool below 48 degrees and would sometimes get as high as 58 degrees inside. After repeated threats, GE sent me a check for $100 to replace some food that I had lost. It took about 3 months and 4 or 5 service visits to get the problem corrected.

Now, as I type this some 12 months later, from the next room I can hear the refrigerator making this constant weird "grinding" noise in addition to the 7 or 8 other usual noises it makes.GE dishwasher (model GDT695SMJ0ES) We purchased a normally $900 dishwasher on sale for $600. It runs very quiet. That is about the only thing I like about it. Had problems with the electronics immediately.

The first control board lasted for one month. GE repaired under warranty. Second control board/heating element lasted for about another month before being replaced again. The dishwasher does not fully drain and smells like rotten garbage inside if you do not run it at least every 2 days.

Sometimes the entire kitchen will smell like dirty, rancid mop water. GE says this is normal and it is designed to leave some amount of water in the bottom "so the rubber seals don't dry out". Yeah. Whatever.GE stove (model PB911EJ2ES) -Control board had to be replaced after about two months.

GE repaired under warranty. No further issues.GE convection microwave (model PVM9179EK1ES)-Of the four units, the microwave has been the most reliable. This particular unit does not have a number pad, but rather a *** that you turn to set the cook time...similar to a *** on a car stereo to tune in radio stations. After one year, the plastic on the inside of the *** broke and would no longer attach to the shaft.

I found a replacement part on GE's web site for FIFTY-FOUR DOLLARS! $54 bucks for a plastic *** a little larger in diameter than a quarter? No thanks! GE support person told me this was a great deal and that I should think about letting them put it "on hold" for me while I continued to think it over.

I advised that I was not concerned about them selling out of plastic $54 knobs. I thought I was being smart by finding a similar model that also uses a *** instead of a number pad and ordered a replacement *** on the internet. I was able to get two knobs for around $15 (thought I'd get a spare for when it breaks again). When I got the knobs, it turns out that the braintrust at GE decided to change the diameter of the *** shaft.

The new *** (manufactured one year after my microwave) is made to fit onto a smaller shaft and does not fit correctly on my microwave.I have told everyone I know as well as GE customer relations that I will not even buy GE light bulbs for my home. NO MORE GE FOR ME!!!


5 of the 6 GE appliances I've purchased in the last 3 years have simply broken. I can't use the water dispenser on my fridge because it leaks, and the freezer ice-maker is rendered useless.

The shelves in the freezer have fall down. The washing machine leaks. The dishwasher silverware racks are broken, the stove top cracked in multiple places. We need to get these things out of our home before there's a catastrophic fire or flood.

These purchases weren't the cheapest options, and I chose GE over cheaper options because of the brand, hoping it would be durable and last more than a few years. Terrible, terrible decision, never again will I purchase a GE product and I'll be sure my friends, neighbors, kids, coworkers, their kids, neighbors, coworkers, stockholders, and social media contacts are well aware of the story so they never make the mistake of buying GE products. What a swindle! For customer loyalty, unfortunately you only have one chance per generation, and you've lost yours.

To the customer service rep handling this message - aspire to work somewhere else where your company isn't peddling junk.

You can make a more worthwhile difference with a company that cares about what it sells. GE does not.


Agree. First my refrigerator and now my dishwasher. No wonder the company is going out of business.


I agree we bought GE Profile, Microwave, Stove and Refrigerator in 2010 Microwave went out in April Stove buttons went out in July, ant today low and behold Refrigerator is icing up today, bought from Chenowerth Appliences in Louisville Ky, called GE customer service, what a fricken joke. GE SUCKS.

Sayville, New York, United States #1273150

I agree,My 1000k diswasher doesn't clean anything,even if I rinse before using,what an expensive mistake!

Summerville, South Carolina, United States #1248234



Norcross, Georgia, United States #1231215

My GE Refrigerator wend bad within one year. For no reason it stopped working and all produce within freezer spoiled.

After complaining and getting it fixed the consumer relations told me that GE will provide $100 check to reimburse damaged food.

For more than one month I have made 4 calls but GE has not sent me check yet.

Each time the GE Consumer Relation switch board call taker will tell me that within 1-wk the check will be sent. I have not see check yet.



I agree, GE appliances suck! So does their customer service.

Never again. Got stuck with a months old fridge that didn't work and that they refused to replace, also a dryer that came with the house recently purchased that is a lemon. My daughter says her clothes dryer a GE does not work either.

Made in China, part of the trade deficeit, a corporation that pays no taxes and produces lemons. Change your name to CA -corporate a$$holes.

Lancaster, New York, United States #1090740

I agree completely. We bought all GE appliances when we moved into our house 8 years ago.

The microwave died after 3 years. The dishwasher is on its last leg. We had the fridge fixed 3 times already at a very high cost and the ice maker just stopped working two days ago. I've tried all the troubleshooting procedures, but nothing worked.

I refuse to put another nickel into this piece of ***.

I have a 35-year-old Amana in my garage that runs like a champ. GE is garbage and I will never buy another appliance from then again.


Agree. I've met some executives from GE in my career.

They were some of the dumbest idiots I've ever met. The spout all this "Six-Sigma" jargon and nonsense, but the have NO CLUE what low quality their actual products are

Miami, Florida, United States #997248

I bought a home Jan/2014 that had several GE Monogram appliances.I've spent over $5000 since in repairs and service to get them in good working order.

After waiting all day for the service tech to revisit a problem that had supposedly been fixed a month ago, he called to say he wouldn't come to work on the refrigerator because there was no "sticker" indicating the model and serial number. Over the past several years, the sticker had been worn off during interior cleanings.

I called to verify this with GE at 800-444-1845 and they agreed that if there was no sticker to indicate the model number, they wouldn't have a tech work on it. I asked if the tech could come and attempt to determine the model but the GE supervisor became a parrot repeating what she had just said and refused to offer any suggestion or have a tech at least look to determine the model.

NOTE: They've worked on all my appliances including this refrigerator but now that I've got some lazy retard who wants to end his day early, they won't now or in the future work on my refrigerator.

Anyone know a repairman who is willing to work and some knowledge about GE Monogram appliances?DON'T BUY GE!!!

West Des Moines, Iowa, United States #968460

My oven will not cook. The temperature gauge I put in to measure if it's as hot as I asked says it's 400 but my potatoes have been cooking for 1 and a half hours are are still hard.

The chicken is supposed to cook at 350 for 1.5 hours and the gauge I put in it hasn't moved from the bottom. They advertise convection but it's a joke. It's just a fan and that doesn't work either.

My frig fan is so loud it sounds like it's taking off and the ice maker constantly gets stuck.



GE Profile microwave PNM1871SM1SS with burned out magnetron in less than 5 years. In a second home that got used 1-2 times a month.

Internet full of complaints of same.

GE produces low quality appliances & leans on their name to sell them. It is just a matter of time before GE is considered the K-Mart of appliance producers.

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