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capacity RightHeight™ Design Front Load washer quit advancing through the cycles. Repairman comes out and says we need new motor control board at the cost of $517 AND then still have to have a meter to recalibrate washing machine. He said "ma'am, don't waste your time....go buy a good 'ole top load with agitator" He said as an appliance repairman, GE products are job security for him. He said they are horrible at not even lasting 1 year...
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I liked
  • Nice design of machine with built in pedestal
I didn't like
  • Lack of quality product
We bought a new GE washer in winter 2016, under GE warranty, Lowes ESP.By early summer it was broke down. It is now late summer and 2 certified GE repair visits and 2 cancelled ( by GE customer service ) repair visits later we still have a broke down washer, a huge long list of documented calls to GE, promises broken by GE, rude customer service staff, various styles of the runaround game, passing the buck, excuses, dropped calls, lies and one...
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Ge Appliances Gfwr2700hww Washing Machine Review

I bought a GE washer and dryer 3/2016 its been less than 6months and both washer and dryer are not working, I have been without a washer and dryer for 2 weeks and still have to wait one more week for the parts to be ordered. Worst buy i have ever made!