Deridder, Louisiana

Since moving into our home we have had nothing but trouble with our GE appliances. The side by side refrigerater either freezes the cool side or is too hot.

After three repairs we finally had to replace the dishwasher. The most recent is the double oven. It was flashing F7. If you Google that you will find out you are screwed.

We spent $350 to get a new computer board installed. The first time we used it, preparing Thanksgiving dinner, it went out again.

I have talked to other GE appliance owners. All have similar issues. We wanted to post this as a warning to others considering GE.

My wife and I have been together for 50 years. We have never had problems with Kitchenade, Whirlpool, or Bosch.

Only GE. They are the only brands we have had this kind of trouble with.

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