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Don't buy a GE Appliance! Dishwasher failed after 5 years. Oven failed after 3 years. GE's service "care(?)" is a joke. Their repairmen are generally hacks following a company script to get by with the least and charge the most, just for showing up.

The more recent problem was with a brand new luxury condo that had, you guessed it, GE appliances. First, the washing machine leaked and ruined the hardwood floor. Then the dishwasher broke, fortunately it was under warranty - more on that later... Then the refrigerator lost the motherboard. It was replaced for $360. And now just four months later, the motherboard is gone, again.

And warranty service? That motherboard? They won't get to it for 8 days... In the parlance, POS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Washing Machine.

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Let me tell you my nightmare with GE... I have a high end Monogram ($6,000.00) refrigerator that GE knows has a condensation problem.

In 2009 after dripping away for 10 years and $40,000.00 in damage we had the BLACK MOLD removed along with half my kitchen. Then to make things better GE sent us a replacement model. Then a year later I saw water in the grout lines. Could this new refrigerator be leaking???

Really??? GE comes out and replaces the motherboard at no charge. You could clearly see the area that was fried. GE assured us the problem was resolved.

WRONG!!!!! A month later a lady in California found my complaint on this website and emailed me with her phone number. She had the same exact model Monogram causing the same MOLD damage from the unchecked water leaking in the built in cabinet. She told me she puts newspaper under it to soak up the water.

I thought,"WHat a great idea!!!" After putting newspaper under my new Monogram I discovered that water was dripping off the back of the new GE refrigerator. GE told me they wanted to put heaters on it. When the repairman came out to install the heaters we find black mold all over the drywall for a second time. So thats 3 of the same models all having the same problem.

Water leaking unknown in your home is NOT a good thing. GE has again accepted liability for the damage but refuses to pay for the decontamination costs to clean up the mold spores that went airborne and spread everywhere. We have been living in a hotel until we can figure out how to clean our home from the invisible enemy. Please tell everyone you know about my story.

GE couldnt care less that we were forced out of our home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please do not buy GE!!!!!!!!

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