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Don't even buy a GE Lightbulb. Purchased appliances for new house; used GE Profile appliances in the Kitchen: In 3 months, the refrigerator didn't work - wouldn't keep food cold.

Had 6 repairs made and the same problem. Finally after loosing food, GE replaced refrigerator. This one does cool better but the icemaker still doesn't work to capacity. I even removed the water filter and that helps a little, not much.

Just gave up on that. The double wall ovens have been replaced, after numerous repairs and hassles! Oven was a safety hazard! The element went out and when it was taken apart, it had burned a hole through the lining and insulating material.

Really lucky we didn't have a fire. They finally agreed to replace that. The new ovens are a piece of junk; you can't bake a cake without the top of the cake burning. When the temperature drops in the oven and the heating element comes back on, it burns the top of whatever is in the oven.

Had to replace the GE Hot Water tank is less than 3 months; started leaking. What gives??? - it seems that everything they make is JUNK! I thought by buying the Profile series, I was purchasing a top quality product - where is there a QA Dept.

Also, it's so frustrating trying to get through to them on the phone - good luck there! The American consumer is at the mercy of their help line and talking to supervisors is totally a waste of time. No-one should have to go through this with inferior prodcuts.

We paid hard-earned, good money to get what we thought were good appliances that would last through our retirement. GO FIGURE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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We agree with this post 100%, GE has sent us not one, BUT TWO defective leaking refrigerators that have been decaying my home for 12 years where they sweated away unknown inside the cabinet. IF GE knows they have a known defective product ZICS 360 NX LH manufactured 2009 ZIC 36 NAN LH manufactured 1999
GE MONOGRAM built in bottom freezer
then why don't they WARN people to investigate whats going on inside the cabinet?

This is a built in model NOT MEANT TO BE REMOVED for any maintenance. GE knows the MONOGRAM is hazardous but will not clean up the damage it causes. Their self owned insurance company must work on commission. They LOWBALL every repair to pay the least they can get away with.

SO NOT FAIR!! GE's slogan "GE Cares" is a lie!! It should be "GE, who gives a rats behind" GE DOSENT CARE!!! After hearing my sad, BUT TRUE story I am sure others will choose another brand.

They WILL hear me!!!!

Don't buy GE products!!! :eek

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