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I own a GE refrigerator that has the same moisture problem./ They want $500 to replace the defective door. I did not get it fixed in the time frame of the lawsuit..

who does a recall then puts a time limit on it. if you sell junk you should be forced to fix it. I will never ever buy a GE and you should not either. Their customer service is rude,, their repairman called to say he didn't want to come out if it was a recall that he could not fix and they are just plain corrupt.

I hope enough people stop buying from GE and make this company go bankrupt. do not buy GE they are ***

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We bought a house that has all GE appliances in it and have had nothing but problems with them. My refrigerator runs louder than it should and when the repair man came out while it was under warranty he said it was supposed to be like that. Well I have never heard a fridge make the kind of noise this does.

My dishwasher does not get my dishes as clean as I would like and also runs very loud compared to others I have used in apts. One of which was a Hotpoint also made by GE and it did not do a good job cleaning either but it was quiet at least.

My dryer works on the more dry less dry setting only when it wants to. Same with my washer it will not spin the clothes at times. Seems to be no one setting that it does not work on- it just varies over time. For a little bit now it has been working fine so we are just waiting for the day when it stops working completely again. My stove is ok but it does not have a self clean feature which is a pain but granted not GE's fault. This is the only appliance in our house that is GE that actually works the way it is supposed to.

My microwave is complete junk and it is just a matter of time before it goes completely. The turntable makes a grinding noise and almost completely stops turning. The repair man came out for this as well and said not to put anything heavy on it...for example I boil spagetti in my microwave all the time and have for years with no problems until this microwave. Well he tells me it is too much for the turntable motor and to stop doing it. What to heck that is the purpose of a microwave to cook right. My other microwaves all had the same turntable style and worked no problems for this (one of which was a Hot Point and made by GE-which we used for 5 years in our apt. with no problems) so why would this be any different besides the fact it is junk. I think they put a bad motor in the thing to begin with and just did not want to replace it while it was still under warranty.

Overall my experience with GE appliances has been that they are junk and not worth spending your money on. I will never never every buy another GE appliance so long as I live.

Oh and did I mention they are only three years old as of this month. Bought our house in 2006 with all new appliances in it.

Would not recommend these appliances to anyone. They could not pay me to take them they are not worth the headaches.

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