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We purchased a home and outfitted it with top of the line Profile appliances a bit over 9 yrs ago. The fridge had an issue with the ice machine w/in warranty and then the ice machine died completely just after the warranty ran out.

The fridge worked w/o an icemaker for the next 8 yrs before it died completely at year 9. The stove didn't make it quite as long; we replaced oven parts (coils?) twice before the electronic panel died on it.

Since when the appliances died, we were not in a financial situation to buy new, we replaced the 8 yr old GE fridge with a 15 yr old Kenmore that had been a garage fridge. That Kenmore is STILL running in OUR garage.....

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Coldwater, Ohio, United States #784913

We're so sorry for your experience. Please email the details to us at

We'll be happy to review your situation and get back in touch with you. Thanks.

Stafford, Virginia, United States #784730

Yeah I'm beginning to think buying top of the line is dumb. Buy basic and replace every ten years or so since the stuff isn't made to last why waste money on it

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