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I purchased my GE washer less than two months ago and it recently started causing problems. I called for repair and it took them a week to get here and the repairman refused to touch the machine because it was half filled with soapy water.

I thought it was part of the repairman's job to drain the washer and fix the problem but I was wrong... GE repairmen apparently don't like to get their hands wet and dirty.

I did manage to scoop out the water in the washer but I had to wait close to three weeks in total to get my washer fixed.

The folks at GE customer service didn't seem to give a *** about the long wait.

Considering the machine broke down less than two months after purchase and the repair service sucks, I'd like to tell anyone reading this post to stay away from GE products.

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Hi this is Julie from GE. So sorry to hear about the issue with your washer.

We'd like to help.

Please send us an email with the model number, serial number, your name, address, and phone number to Thanks, Julie

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