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Service technician came out a few times to repair my refrigerator for the thermostat was not working properly and my food perished. The service man was rude and his facial expression was angry and he seemed that he didn't want to do the repairs.

I contacted GE to schedule another appointment for February 9, 2011 because the refrigerator water dispenser stopped working. The technician stated that he will not move the refrigerator for it is was not on his contract or job description to move the refrigerator and that I needed to find someone to move the refrigerator and to reschedule.

I called GE to file a formal complaint. Spoke to a Supervisor which he stated he was sorry for the inconvenience and he rescheduled another appointment. It was a no show and they never called to confirm the appointment. I was so frustrated that I did not bother to call them back and now I have water damage because of their poor service.

Then I decided to call them again and they said,"There is no record of the day I spoke with the Supervisor on 2/9/11.

I believe all customer calls are recorded for quality purposes.

Can they check their recorded calls?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Repair.

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GE knows they have had a problem with leaking refrigerators for 10 years now. GE fails to warm consumers of these known defects that cause the coolant to transfer outside which makes condensation leak, or SWEAT as GE calls it, into the drywall.

The mold spores went airborne from 12 years of drips contaminating and decaying my home. The had the black mold tested and our home is contaminated with Stachybotrys and Asperigilum which are TOXIC substances. GE will not agree to clean up the air so we are stuck with a 20,000$ decontamination bill.

We have been living in a hotel for a month and can not return home until my house is decontaminated. Any lawyers out there who can help us????


I also think GE sucks. I have a leaking Monogram that sweated for years into the drywall and polluted my house with mold spores.

They refuse to pay for the air clean up because they say there isnt ENOUGH black mold on the wall to go airborne. BUT they will pay for the wall damage. How crazy is that? GE is not right.

This model is DEFECTIVE as another family has the same model growing the same black mold. On top of that, this is the 2nd defective sweating refrigerator GE put in my home. For 12 years their known defective product has leaked drip by drip and decayed my home and my health. GE is only interested in profits and gives a rats behind about doing right by their customers.

I dont know how GE's robot employees can sleep at night or look in the mirror.

I am quite sure they dont go to church or even believe in God. One day they will have to answer....


GE Appliance (washing machine) I will never purchase another GE appliance in my life time. I purchased a washing machine, and the day it was delivered it didn't work.

They had to install parts. Long story short, it's had 3 major repairs, of which it took them a total of 8 service appointments, 2 of these 8 were a NO SHOW by the service technican. Each initial appointment required the service man to access the repair, call on the phone back to the factory and then ordering of parts and waiting for delivery. When called they stated they had no record of the missed appointments.

Each of these 8 days, required myself or my husband to *** of work as the time slot was 8-5 PM - no shorter window. It's now broken again, and we've been trying to come to terms for 3 months. We were offered 3 options of which they've not waivered one bit to try and satisfy our complaints, each option still offered them monetary compensation. Each option costing us more money.

We wanted them to replace the unit upon the first delivery when the unit didnt work when installed, but they refused. The store we purchased from said we had to work with GE. Regardless, this washing machine will be put on display in my yard (on a busy hwy) with a big sign indicating GE - sells lemons....

and don't care about the inconveniences of their customers. Even the serviceman felt sorry for us...

Welcome to the "me me me" century. Big corporations only care about the bottom line - profits.

Their employees get underpayed, overworked, and (in many case) treated like automatons...if not treated like outright garbage. Well-taken care of employees are happy employees who will work harder and do a better job for their employers.

Sorry to hear about your troubles, but you can only expect things to get worse... :sigh

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