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Update by user Dec 19, 2011

Still waiting for the check from Assurant Solutions, (the Home Depot warranty company), and suspect we\'ll have more hoops to jump through before any check arrives. After the rep called and got our info, he then called back and said the computer rejected our address, so I gave it to him again and he repeated it back to me.

I bet that our address was \"lost\", and now they can\'t send the check. This is the kind of weasely *** that makes people loath big companies like GE and Home Depot.

Update by user Dec 10, 2011

Thanks Robert for your offer to help, but we were contacted by the warranty company on Friday. They said they would send a check for a new oven, but I\'ll have to get the check to believe it.

The main reason for my dismay about GE is that they should be able to verify to the warranty company that there is a non-repairable problem within a couple of days, not three weeks. Also the fact that the GE oven has had so many problems, and GE didn\'t offer to replace the oven after the third repair within their 12 month warranty period. If we didn\'t have the extended warranty, we would now be out over three hundred dollars, and GE would not do anything to help us. We also have a old microwave that was given to me by my parents.

It is 25 years old and still works fine.

The only repair it has ever had was to replace the light bulb. It is a Maytag, one from the old Maytag Company, and it was made in the United States!

Update by user Nov 23, 2011

Our original GE repairman contacted us today. He has been really helpful. He explained exactly what is wrong with the microwave, and that it cannot be repaired, and it must be replaced. When I called the Home Depot warranty company, Assurant Solutions, they said a repairman would have to come by and verify the oven needs to be replaced. I had to re-explain the whole sad experience, and then they said they would have to be contacted by the GE repairman to begin the claim process. When our GE repairman called Assurant Solutions to report the defective oven, Assurant Solutions said they would have to be contacted by GE. Talk about the run-around... what a bunch of ***!!!

Our GE repairman told them He Is the GE person they requested to be contacted by, and then they said it would take 10-15 days to process the claim.

UNBELIEVABLE! I guess they think if they drag this out long enough we\'ll forget about it and let it go. THINK AGAIN ***!

Maybe it\'s more Assurant Solutions then GE who is treating us poorly, but I think they are both at fault.

GE should know how to verify the defect problem and report it to the extended warranty company within 48 hours. It has been 12 days now since the GE repairman came to our home and found the problem, and we called the warranty company that same day.

We are being treated poorly by both GE and Assurant Solutions.

Update by user Nov 22, 2011

Well, it is now over a week since GE consumer relations left a message asking if our repair had been satisfactory. I called them back four times already and explained that the repair man said the oven is defective and needs to be replaced, and they have not responded to my calls. And it has been five days since the Home Depot warranty company said they would call back when \"the computers are back up\". They said they were waiting to get the repair mans report, but the computers were down and they would call back later that day, (five days ago).

I don\'t think either company gives a *** about our GE microwave oven that has already been repaired four times in the first year, and is now giving us the same problem.

I do know now that GE only warrants their magnetron for one year, and Maytag warrants theirs for ten years!

But we have the extended warranty on our GE junker, and now it looks like they don\'t even honor that warranty, or at least they don\'t do it easily.

Save yourself from the *** GE and Home Depot is putting us through, don\'t but any appliances from them.

Original review posted by user Nov 18, 2011

We bought a GE Adora over-the-range microwave oven in 2009. Before the one year GE warranty had expired, the oven had to be repaired four times!

The magnatron had to be replaced twice, the control board once, and the door switches and a condenser too! I have never had a new appliance with so many problems. The repair man who kept comming the first year finally determined the magnatron was sending erratic signals which caused the other parts to fail. The first magnatron he replaced was supposedly defective, but who knows?

Who knows how much extra radio radiation my family was exposed to? Now the oven has the same problem, won't heat because magnatron has failed, and the new repair man says the oven is defective and needs to be replaced. The Home Depot extended warranty company and GE are giving me the run-around although my extended warranty is in effect until 2014. They had better resolve this issue promptly.

If not, will call and write to every consumer advocate that can be found, as well as file reports with every consumer protection agency. My attorney will recieve a copy of all correspondence as well. I am curently waiting for GE and the warranty company to return my phone calls. Spent the morning waiting for a return call that never came.

They are happy to take your money to purchase the extra warranty, but do not care to honor their commitment. Very dissapointed in this once proud American company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Range.

Monetary Loss: $299.

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You should NEVER buy GE anyway. They deal with Iran while they were killing our sons and daughter, fathers and mothers in god forsaken iraq.i am by no means a fanatic but i don't buy ANYTHING GE and most of my friends are the same.

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Hi Lawpuppy -

I work for Home Depot Customer Care. If this issue is not resolved already, can you email me your contact info and any additional detail to We can look into this further for you.



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