Bought a second home in Florida Nov 2006. Used the microwave about 20 times to heat water for coffee.

Stopped working Feb 2008. Called GE, they told me it would be $79.95 and that if it was the magnatron it woould be ccovered under warranty. Repairman came, replaced the magatron and said it was not covered. Called GE, was on the phone for over 1 hour and got back $30 ....

how generous of them. I sent a fax to an executive asking why their product would not last longer ? I got a call from a secretary who proceeded to give me the corporate line of why it was not covered. I will not buy another GE product or recommend them.

I feel I was treated unfairly even though the 1 year warranty was over. I had a Kitchen Aid dishwasher that had a problem passed the warranty and they replaced the unit explaining that the unit should last longer than 1 year ....

wow what a company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Microwave.

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I am very happy to say that after posting a complaint about my GE Profile Refrigerator and all of the replacements of the shelves and drawers we have had to do, a GE representative contacted me and apologized and sent a complimentary service call for the newest parts we had to replace. I wanted to post that I am very happy that GE made the situation right and impressed with the attention they gave to my case.


I have a gas oven, XL44 in great condition. I manually locked the door and when it was unlocked the oven still thought it was locked and would not turn on.

I paid $97 for a GE technician to come to the house. He diagnosed the oven as needing a new control panel (a $300 repair). He spent 5 minutes here and he did nothing, didn't look into anything, pressed a few buttons on the stove. My brother came over the next day, took the front panel off to find that the hook that the latch should hit when unlocked was not being hit by the latch.

It was a 2 minute repair. I called GE to complain that first the tech did NOTHING and second he diagnosed the oven as needing $300 worth of work. I asked for a refund but they wouldn't agree.

I am disgusted by this company and will never purchase a GE product again. It was the worst customer service I have ever experienced.


I puchased a bottom freezer fridge GE. GDSCOKBXCRBB have had it 6 months, already had 3 service calls still freezer is full of ice that the door will not open.I have lost at least 600.00 in food from it freezing in fridge.

the bottom freezer is only set on 2 with 9 being highest still everything is freezer burnt. will never buy GE product again.


We bought GE Profile Refrigerator and GE Profile Dishwasher about 3 months ago and both of them are not working properly

GE Profile Refrigerator compressor make huge tremendous noise and GE dined to replace the compressor since it will bring more issue to a unit and GE Profile Dishwasher does not clean dishes and also smart dispenser on dishwasher does not function properly. We will never buy GE appliance again. GE profile appliances are expensive and they do not work proper and GE has the worst customer service where they do not care about customers after they sell their junk appliances

We had 5 service calls for two new appliances and one of the call, technician did not show up and all the other 4 service call, technician refused to fix the problem. Technician also refuse to replace the refund the product as well and to deal with GE customer service rep is the worst experience because they do not listen your problem and they do think we are calling just for refund or replacement. They do not have any plan or curtsy to help the customers. I would stay, STAY AWAY FROM GE APPLIANCE


Wondering why people complain, did you ever stop to think sometimes people type in a hurry and hit the wrong key! You would be complaining too if you had these problems...When you pay $1400 dollars for an appliance, one should get a product they can count on, so stop being such a smart ***


I bought a GE refrigerater in 2004, five years later I have had four heaters installed and the first one went out two days past the warranty. I was charged $140 each time....It has now gone out again and I and going to deliver it back to the store where I bought it and tell them they can have it!

I will never buy another G.E. appliance. I am going to buy a whirlpool tomorrow.

To heck with repeated service calls costing me $140 dollars each time!!!!! I will discourage anyone who is considering buying a GE product....


You all need to learn how to spell. Your sentences are incorrect and very badly misspelled.


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Fairhaven Township, Michigan, United States #26602

GE costom service has the be the worse in the univewrse the people are rotten as thir products

Hamar, Hedmark, Norway #13163

Ge dont care if you buy from them you a dumb *** and you and your friends both know you are. the product has one year wnty.

for a reason, and besides Ge makes 90% of all microwaves in the market so have fun staying away from Ge. you new name is give me something for nothing or I'll cry about it!

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