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Bought a GE Washer at Lowe's. One month after the warranty ran out (of course) washer stopped working.

Neither company would even talk without some type of $$$ involved. Very very disappointed. After only a year there is no way I was going to put more money out to repair ....especially after finding out the agitator (figured out that was what "snapped") was plastic. We bought a Speed Queen that weekend, all steel parts (at least the ones that are going to do the most work).

Will never buy anything from either Lowe's or GE again!!!

Also, just an aside GE is the finance company for Lowes. Go figure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Repair.

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Best selection is the Speedqueen. I was shopping for a new washer this week and found out that most if not all other manufactures have gone to the one year warrantee. Not

Speedqueen. Speedqueen is 3 P&L 5 for the motor and 10 for the transmission. I was asked to spend more money to get an extended warrentee for GE and Whorlpool. When I bought the Speedqueen I was never even offered it!!!! Why? Ya can't beat Speedqueen. As for all those fancy buttons and opetions I asked my Laundry Queen (AKA Wonderful wife)about each one on our old Whorlpool. She never used those options!!!!!

BTW I am a consumer not a salesman. Thanks

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