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Thanks to your site, I had my GE refrigerator taken care of. When my builder put in appliances that were by no means cheap, we didn't expect so much to go wrong before the home was five years old.

The microwave went out exactly after 12 months and GE took care of it but the problem was a bad part. We expect microwaves to last longer than four to five years. The model is JNM 1851 DM BB

The Serial Number is LS900312B. It is once again on the blink and overheating setting off the fuse.

Keeping the microwave on is a fire hazard and considering that a similar microwave costs about $400 are we getting appliances from GE that last on average only 4 years. In which case I can buy a Chinese made cheap microwave for $69 and keep replacing it every year. Shame on GE to lower the quality of their products. I am more than disappointed.

I hope GE will honor their bad products because we have decided when these appliances are gone we will have no brand loyalty to GE. In fact, all our friends and neighbors in our development of over 200 homes believe GE is not the way to go.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Oven.

Monetary Loss: $357.

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #792777

I am very disappointed with GE Appliances. I brought this home 4 years ago, which was a new construction.

The kitchen was furnish with GE appliances. I have replaced the bottom heat element 8 times within the last four years. It happen again last night!!! The money I have spent replacing the 8 bottom heating elements, could have went toward purchasing a new stove.

Oh, and I probably should mention that my new GE over the oven microwave stop working after 2 years! I have lost faith in ALL GE products!!

New Philadelphia, Ohio, United States #791420

Hello, this is Donna with GE. I am so sorry to hear about your experience with your GE microwave.

If you'd like us to review your situation, please send your details and contact information to Thanks.

Stafford, Virginia, United States #786884

Yup no more top of the line. It's not worth it.

And it sure doesn't mean quality. Just a a bunch of stuff that you can live without

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