Angry that I cannot replace the carafe from this new coffee maker.

Cannot believe that GE has no replacement available...

I seldom shop at Wal-Mart and when I do, it never fails how disappointed I am.

Cheap, Cheap, Cheap.... They do not stand behind what they sell.

GE will not stand behind what they sell and say for this product that I need to go to Wal-MArt and have them take care of the problem.

That will be the day when Wal-Mart carries replacement carafes

I will be certain to not buy a GE product as well.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #596483

It is not G.E's fault either. GE does not make small appliances. It is either thompson electronics or black and decker under the GE brand name.

Grant The pup
Salem, Ohio, United States #588635

We have the same problem with a broken pot with the 5 cup GE Coffee Maker. GE can keep there made in China products.


I am sorry that the carafe on your coffee maker is broken. Please email GE directly at eresponse@ge.com with your details and we will be happy to check into this for you. Thanks, Michelle from GE


It isn't WalMart's fault that you can't get a replacement carafe for you GE coffee pot. I'm sure they weren't aware that GE doesn't make the replacement that you need. Anyway, it is GE's fault and not WalMart.

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