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Bought GE 5 Cup Digital Coffee Maker (sold only at Wal Mart), like the coffee maker, broke carafe, call GE customer assistance to order new one.

They said "CAN NOT GET A REPLACEMENT CARAFE" "Sold only at WALMART and WALMART doesn't carry 5 cup Carafe." No other will work because it is a 5 CUP CARAFE!

COME ON GE!!! how often do consumers need to replace the carafe. I would have never bought this if I knew I couldn't get replacement carafe. THIS IS A RIP OFF!!!

This one going in trash and won't be buying any of your brands again.

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Back again on Walmart, that little thought about using your pennies?? Let's start paying Walmart in in pennies, only pennies!

I know the bags are heavy but, hey use pennies!! I think on payday I'll go buy a bag, yeah that's the ticket! I'll buy a bag of pennies!! To bad they don't have an emote con of Evil Genius!

Please won't you join me. Thanks to all


To everyone who responded thank you. I'm not sure if it's being a redneck as much as being practical.!!

I don't know about you all but I resent the *** out of out of any company or anyone that wants to Bilk me! I don't buy GE products anymore. It seems the only Power we have these days is our pennies!! So send letters!

Written letters to the companies. They have to pay people to open up that mail and look at it. Keep our fellow citizens employed! Send lots of letters of Complaint to these companies.

complaints done by email are of useless. Must be done by snail mail.

These companies are not listening to us the only way they're going to change is when we stop spending money and on that note stop voting in the same *** No I'm going to stop. I don't want to get on a soapbox rant just thank you for everyone who has responded remember use your pennies!


Hi Bengie, Thanks for the post. Yes it is Wal-Mart.

I would love to have the option not to shop there but they are the only stores in a 50 mile radius. ABQ is 150 miles away.


Same part needed here too!! Will not be buying GE


Pissed consumer

San Pablo, California, United States #1058065

I have the same situation. It's Walmart as much as GE.

Vendors who sell to Walmart told me that Walmart insisted they provide a cheaper (less sturdy) product so Walmart could undercut its competitors.

Not surprising that they would sell something like the carafe that is so delicate it will surely break; then you can't replace it and have to buy the machine all over again to get the carafe. Hope you learned your lesson about shopping at Walmart.

Ohio, United States #1017284

Yep just wish I would have know before I bought it. But fortunately the carafe didn't brake just the plastic fitting that held the screw to the metal collar.

So YUP I'm a redneck, not to mention recently unemployed from an executive position at a financial institution, so I taped the handle to the carafe with heavy duty packing tape (guess I'm not that big a redneck or I would have used duct tape!

LOL) and the carafe still works just fine! I just have to wash it by hand now instead of putting it in the dishwasher.

Hillsboro, Missouri, United States #901135

I have the same problem. It is a bit redneck, but I put a rubber band around the basket and held the spring up that releases the water so when the timer kicked on my coffee ran right into my cup, or if a full pot my small vision ware stovetop pot (which has a spout).

It works, I must be stubborn about buying another coffee pot just for the carafe, or a bit redneck. Lol.

*** GE & Walmart. Where there's a will there's a way.

Miami, Florida, United States #887734

Same happens to me! No mo GE


Yes that is a rip. We bought this while RV'ing in North Dakota and now there is no replacement.

Just another example of the throw away mentality. Orlando, FL

Firestone, Colorado, United States #789919

They stopped making this coffee maker shortly after I bought mine at WM in Nov. / Dec.

of 2012. It appears there was a disagreement between WM and GE as to the continuation of this item sold exclusively at WM. Therefore, GE stopped making them. Now there are no replacement parts available unless you find something online.

I was told that a 3rd party had initially agreed to make replacement charcoal filters, and permanent filter baskets, etc., to maintain a supply of parts for the coffee makers that were already sold & owned. However, that never happened. I finally "retired" mine after using it way past the time to replace filters, baskets and such. Now own a Mr.

Coffee, 5-cup item. My GE worked great, but when you can't get replacement parts, its usefulness wears out.

to ColoradoArky #1058068

Mr Coffee makes a stainless steel carafe in the small sizes like 5-Cup. You'll never have to replace again!


Same issue as everyone before me I just only wished I had found the site before purchasing ...

Will NEVER buy a GE Brand again! How can you not offer a replacement carafe for the most commonly replaced item in the kitchen! Idiots!!


I love this thing and was wondering why I can't find the filters. May just used the thing without it till I buy a new one, and I agree with the the other customer. Pull your head out GE, service your product Boneheads, last one of your products I buy, how *** are you???

Seattle, Washington, United States #767716

Broke the pot for my G.E. the other day after 6 reliable years of near daily use.

(Knocked it off the counter with my elbow.) The lovely stainless steel pot from a 5 cup Mr. Coffee model JWX9 fits perfectly. Found one for $8 at Goodwill. Problem solved.

Plus it's much sturdier, and goes beautifully with the brushed steel trim of the machine. I've never had a G.E.

product which has truly let me down, but YMMV. :-)

to Lynx #987016

That's great that you found this item 2nd hand; however, Mr. Coffee offers this same stainless steel carafe for $4.99 on THEIR website: http://www.mrcoffee.com/replacement-parts/coffeemaker--5-cup-stainless-steel-carafe--jwx9-/139049-000-000.html

Merry Hill, North Carolina, United States #767255
What!!!!!!!!! I'm very disappointed.

I've been trying to find a replacement carafe also. This was a birthday gift to a friend of mine, and I was trying to help with locating another carafe.

Thank you GE I will return to purchasing another coffee maker, brand Cusiart. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( : :(

OMG!!! Broke carafe in dishwater, barely tapped against another dish, sliced the S*** outta my finger, now w/o coffee maker!!!

AAAARGH this really sux!! Out to buy another one.....not GE!!

Soldotna, Alaska, United States #755537
You'd think GE would've thought of a better plan for their product! :roll Very dis :( apointed!!
Anson, Maine, United States #715716

Same problem with finding a caraffe. Bought a Cuisinart today with a stainless steel caraffe.

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