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I puchased the GE 5 cup coffee maker from Wal-Mart because the replacement carafe for my 4 cup maker, also GE was only a few dollars cheaper than the 5 cup maker. Now I have broken that carafe, only to find that there in NO replacement carafe for this model.

Come on GE .. how often do these thing get broken ??? How could u not have a replacement carafe for this coffee maker ???

... sounds like a racket to me !!!!!!!!

I will not be purchasing anymore GE coffee makers, even though I have religously used them for the last 20 years ......

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Grant The pup
Salem, Ohio, United States #588633

The 5 cup coffee pot that came with our GE Coffee Maker also broke in the dishwasher. What a very big disappointment. I won't be buying any GE items.

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