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We recently purchased a G.E. Profile Side by Side Refrigerator which is one of their "top of the line" models. The problem is it only makes 7 ice cubes at a time. We have to buy at least 1 bag of ice a week, 2-3 if we're having guests. The "Quick Ice" cycle makes no difference at all. It never catches up let alone fills up the bin. We're a family of only 3!

Don't buy this model if you use even the smallest amount of ice in a day. And forget about filling up even a small personal size cooler. It will take until the next day to recover enough for even another glass of ice.

I have contacted G.E. notifying them of the problem and asking if they are working on a retrofit tray that will make more than 7 ice cubes at a time.

We definitely regret buying this model. We didn't know any better - now you do!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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I totally agree with the crapy ice maker. Today no ice was made at all.

What kind of expensive fridge can't even make ice.



At least yours is making 7 ice cubes. My 3 year old Profile quit making any ice at all.

In addition, my 3 year old Ge Profile cooktop has a light on it that will not go out, my 3 year old Profile oven just had the control module go out on it.

I'm waiting for my ge dishwasher to spring a leak and ruin my floor at any moment. Never again will I buy GE.

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