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I bought a GE ADEW50LQ Dehumidifier in July 2013 with a 90 day warranty and a 1 Year Limited Warranty. I discovered after the 30 day Store return period that the Unit did not automatically shut off when it reached the proper humidity. This is at a summer cabin which we only visit sporadically, so the feature is very important. I called GE during the 90 day warranty period and, after 5 or 6 holds and transfers was told I needed to send the Charge Card ticket back with the unit to GE. I was leaving NY in a day and the Charge Ticket was in NV. One of the CS Rep's sent me a "Serial # Look up" showing when and where I bought it, but that was not deemed sufficient. I gave up thinking I could just do it next year when I returned in the Spring.

I returned in May 2014 and called GE. After 8 holds and call backs and 1+ hours on the phone, and 8 people telling me they were the wrong person or could not find the information, I found Daniel, a manager. He was able to find the info on the unit and informed me they didn't need me to send it back, I would have to dispose of it myself. He said he would send the "refund". The "refund" was a "Good Will Certificate" good for 90 days on specified GE products good for 90 days - like I would be interested in a GE product.

I would suggest that IF you buy a GE product you thoroughly check out the warranty. Personally will never buy another GE product over a $230 issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $232.

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So you would rather box up, haul the unit to UPS and then pay a small fortune shipping it back to GE in order to get another GE dehumidifier which will most likely be refurbished?

Simply getting a certificate in the mail that you can use to pay for another brand new GE dehumidifier from your local store just won't do?

I don't get it, were you expecting a full money back refund which is typically NOT part of any manufacturers warranty?

Did they want you to cut off the electric plug and several inches of the cord and send that back to them along with the model/serial tag?

If so, you probably got a dangerous unit made by Gree (for GE) that's been RECALLED. That would be why you're getting off so easy by not having to send back the entire unit.

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