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I wanted to let you know of my experience with your company. I purchased my first home in 2000. With that purchases came all new GE appliances. Here is a list of appliances and how they have failed.

Microwave - less than a year, called GE told there was a recall on the part and they would send someone. Person came out and told us no warranty repair was set up and we had to pay. 6 mounts later power diode blew replaced that myself with your exterminable overpriced part (you $79.00, NTE 4.95 same diode) then 3 month later magnetron blew. Gave up, and we are still using microwave I had in collage it was purchased in 94 and works to this day(of course it is not GE!)

Refrigerator – Water dispenser runs constantly squirting water all over the floor. Called GE had the same repair company that worked on microwave set to come fix it. We decided just to live without the ice maker and water dispenser. Refrigerator lasted a little better then microwave almost 2.5 years.

Garbage Disposal – Parts started coming off 4 years in.

Dish washer – had to rebuild shelve when they rusted out, many plastic parts wore out it is still running though jerry rigged several times. Time 3 years

Oven – have to say no issues with it, so I guess not all. Fingers crossed.

Water Softener - Seal on inflow pipe dissolved and it had a fast drip that kept flooding the garage. And of course where the seal was located made it imposable to repair without replacing entire pump system. So it sits in a corner next to the Microwave. I keep them both as a conversation piece to educate family and friends as to my failure trusting your appliances. 6 years

Washing machine – Have no idea what happened started making a grinding sound the leaking, Replaced it with another GE since it was under warranty it lasted just long enough for the warranty to expire then failed. All good in the end Whirlpool works great. First one .6 years second 1.5 years

Dryer – this is the craziest a small tin door clip kept failing out then finally broke in half over the last few months. Part started falling our 3 years in. We use a wooden dow to prop the door shut till we can save for the matching whirlpool dryer since the whirlpool washer has lasted longer the two GE washers.

Hot Water Heater - after 3 years have to replace the coils twice and the high pressure release value once.

I tried to buy from a American company and I paid the price for it. I know it has been 10 years but I do not recall my parents having to replace applinces every 5 to 6 years. and having to constantly repair them.

Very disappointed GE your quality


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Hi John, I regret to hear of the experiences you have had with your GE appliances. We did receive your email at and will follow up with you directly.

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you. Vikki with GE

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