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I bought my dishwasher in 03/2014 and had nothing bought on going problems.

My biggest complaint is that the door will not stay closed, it has "NO" locking mechanism! A little triangle piece of plastic sits in a "V: shaped opening but does not lock the door when you close it!

So if you have to many pieces of silverware like 20 in the silverware rack or more the door won't close! Also you "CAN NOT" use the center of the lower silverware rack at "ALL"!

I have had three service calls and I am having another next Tuesday for the fourth time! Called GE Consumer and had NO LUCK!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Dishwasher.

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The same thing is happening with my dishwasher. We might have the same one - mine was purchased around the same time as yours.


The door of my GE dishwasher wouldn't stay closed after only about a month. A technician came to the house and replace the door latch.

The door closed for a few days. Then I noticed that the right side of the top shelf didn't come out as far as it had been. I pulled on the right side. The shelf came out a little and the door closed.

This might sound crazy but it worked for me. Every so often I have to pull on the shelf and the door stays latched.


I have noticed the exact same thing, almost unimaginably stupid design.


We have the same problem. i can see the black rubber trim, but it seems pretty stationary.

Is it the flap part that is causing the problem?

if i push that up, it just flaps right back down.

we can usually make it go eventually by pulling up as we close the door and then pressing on it until the cycle gets under way. Sometimes it takes lots of tries.

Santa Barbara, California, United States #1248602

We've had the same problem on and off with our GE Profile DW since we had it installed approx 12 months ago. I finally figured it out, at least for ours.

When the black rubber trim that goes across the top of the inside was pushed down all the way (as it should be), it blocked the inside latch slightly. I pushed up the trim about 1/4" and it closed and locked just fine :)

Belle Mead, New Jersey, United States #1247663

same problem, it is infurating

Waldport, Oregon, United States #1217145

I also have the same problem with a GE Profile PDT750SSFSS. We replaced the latch mechanism and within 1-day the door wouldn't latch again.

The repair tech said the problem was the stainless steel tub, which cannot be replaced, had warped and so the entire unit was now a piece of landfill. I have an extended warrantee on this, but the insurance company will only credit me for the original purchase price minus whatever they have paid for service calls under contract. Since this piece of expensive junk has had four service calls in its miserable 2 years of existence, I am getting back only half the cost of replacing it. The latch mechanism is an astonishing, complicated piece of engineering.

I disassembled it an looked at it in detail. It is a case study in how not to design an industrial part. It is fatally flawed and it is what is on ALL of the "better" GE dishwashers. GE is now a no-go brand for dishwashers.

In addition the dishes have just never come out dry, and cleaning is adequate, but not all that good, considering the price of this unit.

My other GE appliances (Profile Fridge, convection ovens) seem fine. Just the dishwasher is junk.


My 2014 GE dishwasher has the same problem. Mine has been repaired twice, and I'm now expecting a 3rd service call this week and because the appliance is now out of warranty, the dealer will try to charge me for the repair.

If that happens, I'll have to buy a new, different brand dishwasher from a rival dealer, and have this 14 month old dishwasher hauled off to the nearest landfill.

This is clearly a design defect and I don't think there's any point in paying to have a product repaired if it's going to break down again. I'm doubtful GE will stand behind this flawed product.

Novi, Michigan, United States #1015642

same problem on Profile dishwasher (PDT750SSFSS).

Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada #856447

I had the same problem and 2 weeks after it was FIXED it flooded my house. GE is supposed to be replacing it but still waiting. Has been over 4 weeks since the flood-ANGRY-problems don't go away they just get worse with time!

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