Charlotte, North Carolina

GE sold all their extended warranty contracts to Assurant Solutions. A company from my personal experience does as little as possible for the customer. My extended contract is with GE. I have the original contract in my files as well as on the GE/Assurant Solution website. Assurant Solution nor GE will honor the terms of the contract specifically where it state in Section 9 e Non-repairable products your remedy is to select a GE product or a monetary credit. I choose the GE product because it would cost less for me to replace the fan. Assurant said that I could only take the monetary replacement which 10% less than GE product and service to install a new fan is not covered under the monetary solution.

In other words Assurant plainly stated that they would not honor the terms of my contract with GE. GE agreed with Assurant not honoring the terms.

My GE product are their best the monogram.

As of today, I am no longer a GE anything. I refuse to purchase from a company that will not honor their contractual obligations to the consumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Replacement.

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I totally agree. GE does not stand behind their products at all. I would never purchase another GE product.

Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, United States #795841

call federal trade commission like I did


I have read other customer review cites about Assurance all but one agree. To sum up review most feel run away from don't walk away from Assurance or GE products.

Salisbury, Massachusetts, United States #699828

I have the exact same thing happening with Assurant, but it is on a $2,400 GE refrigerator. I have been without refrigeration for over a month, have had 4 repair visits from GE repairmen and every time they say that this is the last attempt and then they will honor my contract.

Well guess what? Now they are requiring me to have a 5th repair attempt before they will honor my warranty. I do not believe that it will ever happen and they are just delaying me, because my contract expires next month. I have just filed a complaint with the MA Attorney General's Office, but it will take 5-7 business days for them to read the complaint and will be another wait for mediation to be set up.

I cannot wait that longer...I have a pregnant family member living here and cannot afford eating out so much. I have to go buy a new refrigerator now.

It is criminal what Assurant does and gets away with!! I will be posting my experience with Assurant to other complaint sites and to the BBB, but I doubt that will change their tactics!!

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