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Picked up the dishwasher (GE) at my Home Depot store. Nov.

30, 2015. Got it home and had my plumber install it. It would not start. Plumber checked and rechecked installation, paid plumber.

Called GE for service and repair. I am in a rural area and was easier than taking it back and bring up a new one. Service personal came to check out dishwasher. The week before Christmas and New years.

I was happy to "Think it was going to be repaired before the holidays and all the company I was going to have. It needed a new computer panel on front top and new latch for the door. Panel which was not working. He said he'd order the parts, I said ok as the dishwasher would still have the warranty.

Same day I called him and told him to hold on the parts order. wanted to check with Home Depot on a price deduction - as the dishwasher would them be considered re-furbished. Did not want to pay full price for a dishwasher that needed a complete overhaul when I got it new. They agreed.

The same day I called the repair person that GE had sent to my home. HE did not answer his phone so I left voicemail instruction him to go ahead and order the parts and make a new apt when he received them. Also please call to let me know if he got my message, leave a voicemail if I didn't pick up. He never called back.

Within the next several weeks I called several times to check on progress. Always had to leave a voicemail for him. Never spoke to him again. Called G.E..

They contacted him while I was still on the phone with GE. He told them I had never called him and he thought the job was closed and never ordered the parts. G.E. told me that they opened a new job ticket for him and that he was going to order the parts then call me to make an appointment once they were there.

That was sometime in January. Called him, no response. it is now Feb 6th, 2016. No parts, no repair done.

Called G.E. again, end the end they could not help me because he was the only person that came to this area to do the G.E. repairs! Upset - YES!

the dishwasher is still standing in the kitchen in my way (been using it as a drying rack for my dishes). I went online to see if they still had them at home depot. Well guess what that model has been discontinued by Home Depot. Wonder why?

Don't know if Home Depot will take it back s it is dirty inside. the cascade is now stuck in the soap box because of the moisture in the dishwasher from dying my dishes in it. The pad that goes around the machine for it's quietness is shredded from people pulling the dishwasher in and out. The box on my covered patio that it came in has gotten wet from the snow and melts.

And G.E. says that he is the only person that comes here. The last two times they tried to get in touch with him they could only leave a voicemail as well. I paid a lot of money for what was suppose to be a top quality dishwasher WIHT A WARRWNTY that I cannot use (dishwasher or warranty).

If a company gives you a warranty on their product you should be able to use it and they should behind their product! I want G.E. to get out here with someone to fix the machine, and has the parts with them. I don't care if they have to fly someone out!

Or they can bring me a new machine if they want! But it is up to G.E. now!!!!! Word of mouth is the best advertising and nothing good about G.E.

is coming out of this mouth until this is cleared up! And NO I should not have to pay for labor or travel! I have already been though *** from this Company for the last 3 months!!!!!!!!!

The link to the dishwasher below is as close as I could find since they discontinued the one I purchased. Linda

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of new dishwasher and have not been able to use yet 3 months after it was installed. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "i could check almost every box there - very unhappy" of ge appliances dishwasher and associated monetary loss in the amount of $600. Ge Appliances needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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What model was this? We are have the same issues with our new GE Profile model # PDT720SSH7SS. It's completely unacceptable.

to Anonymous #1123599

model # GDT580SGF7BB An $800 dishwasher. As of March 8th, GE has had 4 service men come out, the dishwasher still does not work.

The first visit from the service man, was for diagnosis.

He said he would see me in a week with the parts. Never saw or heard form him again. GE could not even get in touch with their own service person. New service person comes out, they ordered the part GE said the dishwasher needed; GE sent the wrong part.

Third time the serviceman came out again GE sent the wrong part. Another part was ordered. It is the correct part, they come to install it, it fits . .

. machine still does not work. They will be coming out again. Beeb through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and now Easter is coming up .


. all without my dishwasher!

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