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I have a GE Profile Wash/Dry set. I have been very disappointed w/ them.

The washer is average and the dryer takes forever to dry the clothes. I bought the washer because it didn't have a middle agitator & I was tired of my clothes coming out in knots. This was no different from my old Kenmore washer. Actually, that was much better.

Quite disappointing for the money I spent. Will never buy GE appliances ever again.

My mom and sister have also had terrible experiences with GE appliances.

They each had GE refrigerators that had to be repaired repeatedly. My sister has a GE wash/dry that is only 6 years old and the transmission has gone out on the washer.

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I can't stand the washer. Mine won't fill with water because of the energy star rating and "water savings" You can't wash a full load of clothes because they don't even get wet.

I hate the washer.

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