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Today, after I initially put in the order with the GE customer service rep for something like $306.00 for 4 knobs, I told her I was very unhappy with the quality of the knobs as well as the highway robbery prices GE was charging (about $70.00 for EACH knob) for replacement of essentially plastic knobs. She gave me a customer service number. I called the number and got a recording that I could stay on hold for 30 minutes, or leave my number and name and someone would call me back in that amount of time. Skeptical, I left my number/name since I didn't want to stay on hold on my cellphone. A woman named Audrey did call me back and when I explained to her how shocked we were that the replacement knobs cost so much, and also that they were just made of plastic, and how we would never again recommend GE products to anyone, she said she could "arrange a discount" of $70 for ALL four of the knobs we wanted replaced. It then took awhile (they seem to have a bad computer system since the customer service rep also took a long time and then told me the system was down and she had to call me back to verify the order....she did call back and had to take my credit card info all over again because the system didn't save the info), and, at the end, Audrey said that it would actually be $80 (she offered to ship overnight but I said standard mail would be OK, because I didn't want to be charged extra).

In the meantime, my husband found the link to the earlier review here from another pissed off consumer who had the same issue....not sure but it looks like he might've been able to get better-quality replacement knobs for free (I didn't know this when I spoke to Audrey, so I charged the $80 to my card).

In the meantime, GE really ought to do a recall and replace the bad knobs on all the GE Cafe ranges since it is a danger hazard once they crack--you aren't sure if the gas range is really off or not. I'm going to write to the email address in the earlier complait post and request a full refund of my $80.

In the meantime, if you have a GE Cafe range, I suggest you check your GE Cafe range and see if you have the same plastic knobs (the photo in the link from the first post shows the knobs that we currently have). If you do, I suggest you contact GE customer service and request they send you the better, newer knobs for free.

Here's the customer service rep I spoke with:

Audrey 1-800-386-1215, x5470

Hope this is helpful!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Range.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I have GE cafe and really disappointed with the quality of the knobs. I did see some comments of the knobs breaking and I assumed it must have not been maintained well.

So we were very careful with the knobs and it still broke one by one every 2 months. Totally disappointed with the cheap quality knobs.I see it as a scam to make money with parts that are bound to break in matter of weeks.


I have the same issue those knobs keep breaking the plastic.


The knobs will break no matter you do and the replacements are no better. They need more reinforcement around the shaft.

I fixed all of mine buy adding a bronze 16mm x 10mm ID sleeve bearing, pressed on (carefully) using a vise and soft jaws. Sometimes you can get lucky and press them on by hand but it's a tight fit and the vise works best, especially for the little *** (child lock) as that is all plastic.

to Craig #1396327

Apparently k-n-o-b is a rude word so you can't write it. ROFL.

The sleeve bearings that fit GE Cafe 36" Cooktop knobs are https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006AWM528/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Genuine Oilite® (SAE 841) Sintered Bronze Metric Flanged Sleeve Bearings 10 mm. ID x 13 mm. OD x 12 mm. Length x 16 mm.

Flange Diameter x 1.5 mm. Flange Thickness

to Craig #1590466

Thanks, Craig. Very helpful.

A little pricey, due to shipping on Amazon.

I found these on McMaster Carr for 2.08 each. https://www.mcmaster.com/6659k681


I'm not really sure how old this post is, but I had a *** break on my GE Cafe cook top. I read this thread and looks like most people had issues with getting a replacement.

I was quickly successful in getting the replacement knobs for FREE. Luckily, I took the initiative to register my products with model numbers and serial numbers after they were installed in my new house. I went to the support page on GE's website, clicked on live chat, and a customer service rep immediately joined the chat. "Sadie" was very helpful.

She was able to pull up my registered product by using only my phone number. I explained to her that the plastic stem on the *** for the large middle burner had broken off. I also expressed my concern for the other knobs breaking in the future. I gave her my address, and she placed an order for all of the replacement knobs at no cost to me.

I will just keep them stashed for when/if mine break. She was very graceful and very helpful.

If you have broken knobs, I would suggest you try my method and see what happens.

Thanks for reading.


I have experiences the same thing. I will NEVER buy another GE product as long as I live.

As I am typing this I am arguing with GE for the 4th time! Also our GE Cafe Series Refrigerator sucks. It sounds like an airplane taking off.

We have had 5 service calls and "they" say that the noice is normal. WTF!


We experienced a broken knob on our GE Cafe range and had to pay $60.00 in order to replace it. It was a plastic knob.

At the same time our GE Cafe microwave which had undergone authorized GE repairs twice before ceased to work -- again.

This time we threw it out and replaced it with a non-GE brand.

GE used to be a reliable manufacturer but -- obviously -- is no longer. Let the buyer beware.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #1334925

Karen, thank you so much for your post.

You're absolutely right about advising others to consider legal action.

In the US, consumers have further protection under the Uniform Commercial Code, and can easily bring small claims actions to make their point. In Canada, we have similar rights through the Consumer Protection Act of each province.

Uniform Commercial Code › U.C.C. - ARTICLE 2 - SALES (2002) › PART 3. GENERAL OBLIGATION AND CONSTRUCTION OF CONTRACT › § 2-315.

Implied Warranty: Fitness for Particular Purpose.

§ 2-315. Implied Warranty: Fitness for Particular Purpose.

Where the seller at the time of contracting has reason to know any particular purpose for which the goods are required and that the buyeris relying on the seller's skill or judgment to select or furnish suitable goods, there is unless excluded or modified under the next section an implied warranty that the goods shall be fit for such purpose.


To all:

I think that if GE representative you speak with refuses to ship replacement knobs for FREE, then demand to speak with supervisor. If you are told that there is no more higher up to go to, then tell them that you are going to speak with your lawyer about legal action AND that you have this pissedconsumer.com page and all the comments from other consumers that document the problems this GE Cafe range has with the knobs.

There might be complaints on other websites (such as home improvement stores' retail sites, Amazon, etc)....I haven't looked yet, but if I were being told to pay, I sure would.

I am the original poster of this post, and the knobs that I got for FREE from GE have now lasted four years and we haven't had a problem with the plastic parts inside breaking again. Knock on wood!

Sanford, Florida, United States #1327275

Just got off the phone with Julia at GE Consumer Relations (800-386-1215 x3674) and the best she could do was $75 plus tax for all the knobs with free shipping.

to Luis Sanford, Florida, United States #1327276

Also, my stove is 11 years old and she said that made a difference.

to Luis #1360202

Also your eleven year old stove was made by GE -- probably in Mexico -- and that CERTAINLY makes a difference.

Millersville, Maryland, United States #1321390

These knobs are defective and dangerous. I have replaced them twice and now GE is making me pay for them again.

They are giving me a discount, but I have to pay for priority shipping. Here's the thing, apparently I am to blame because I did not call GE directly. I would accept responsibility except there are complaints all over the web about how easily these breaks.

This is a gas stove and I could not get it turned off today without pliers. I am very disappointed with the customer service and I hope these replacement parts last.

to Anonymous #1463793

I have replaced my knobs 5 times and he stove is barely 3 years old! I am sick of it. How do we go about getting the company to recall and replace?


I also have the cheap plastic knobs and am disappointed with the quality. It is a problem!

Southaven, Mississippi, United States #1289216

I have the same problem with my knobs and i talked with GE but they did not offer me any deal even though the stove was still under warranty . I still have not replaced the knobs because of the cost.

These knobs started breaking after about 4 months of use.

I went to the appliance store and looked at the new cafe range and they have changed the way they are being made. I agree with a recall

Los Angeles, California, United States #1197801

I have the GE Cafe stove and my knobs are breaking off as well. I contacted their "costumer service" and they wanted to charge me at first, but I complained and finally they are sending me replacement knobs at no charge.

I asked if the knobs being sent are the new design and Danielle said there is no such a thing uggh. I guess I will have to wait and see what i get. Is there any instructions as to how to change them anywhere?

(On second response Danielle talks about knobs peeling, I'm not sure where she got that, my knobs broke off and I even sent her pictures as proof)

From Danielle:

Thank you for sending me those numbers. I have reviewed the knobs and the prices and have listed below the discount I can get you on those.

If you would like to order them, please call the number below at your convenience. Also let me know if you have any questions.

WB03K10265 (x3) knob assembly

Retail 40.00 Offer 5.00 each WB03K10308 knob assembly Retail 56.50 Offer 5.00 WB03K10266 control knob Retail 50.00 Offer 5.00 WB03X23121 knob assembly Retail 47.25 Offer 5.00 Thank You Danielle | 800.673.5075 | Ext. 5805 eRelations / Case Manager GE Appliances | www.geappliances.com Jean, The knobs peeling is actually considered a cosmetic issue which is only covered the first 30days after purchasing the appliance.

Considering your unit is still rather new I have sent out the knobs at no cost as a one-time courtesy. They should arrive in 3-5 business days. Also the new knobs coming out are the same parts as the current knobs you have. I do not see that your knobs have been changed or updated.

I will plan to follow up after they are delivered. Please let me know if you need anything before then.

Thank You Danielle | 800.673.5075 | Ext. 5805 eRelations / Case Manager GE Appliances | www.geappliances.com


I have the GE Monogram Stove top and exact same issue. All knobs are plastic, broken and now do not line up as the little metal insert is stuck in wrong position or now broken too.

This is extremely dangerous with a gas stove as you do not know if it is completely turned off or not. Additionally, the black metal grates are pitted and rusting which should not be for an $1800 stove top that is considered top of the line.


Called on the number specified and some lady called Tera ordered knobs free of cost. I am expected to get them next week. They have changed these knobs to stainless steel buttons so I am excited to get them

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