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I bought a GE washer on Dec. 5 2019.

On March 10, (95 days later) when I was trying to do laundry to prepare to go on a trip, the washer wouldn't turn on. When I pushed the button to start the cycle the panel lit up for a moment, then turned off. I tried various settings on the control panel. I tried unplugging the machine to reboot as is suggested in the appliance manual.

Nothing worked. It seemed the panel is shot. The Home Hardware store where I bought the machine refused to let me return the defective machine, and passed me off to warrantee service group. It is now April 8th and I have returned from my vacation a week ago (for which I packed my cleanest dirty clothes) and am still unable to do laundry.

I also bring my mother's laundry from the extended care nursing home where she lives. Our laundry is piling up around us and we are getting more frustrated by the day!

Customer Service.......there is none!

Sharon Edgington

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