We have been trying to get a belt for our dryer for approximately a week. Parts was quick to take the money but we still have no belt. We have been hung up on when call parts and service several times. I also tried getting a routing diagram to replace the belt. I was finally able to contact a supervisor by the name of Tray who finally helped me. When it came to delivery of the belt, which we still don't have, we have been told so many different stories of how the belt was being shipped, I really don't think it has been, from Fed-ex to mail. I will never own another GE appliance in my home again, not because of the appliance, but because of the way the people who work for GE parts and service treats customers. When the washer and dryer I have break again I will buy another brand besides GE.I'm sure this note will be disregarded, as our calls have been, but there it is. I will advertise your product for you.


Will Kidder

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