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We purchased a GE Profile refrigerator (Mod# PSS26PSTA SS) four years ago. It started failing after 3 years.

Initially we were told it needed an "ice ball kit". Then a mother board failed. Then a therister failed. Then 7 more motherboards.

Now the tech advises that foam needs to be inserted behind the therister to prevent ice build up and that three motherboard mounting screws should be removed to prevent shorting the motherboard. This is engineering incompetence and management fraud. GE used to be an American icon but now it is just a joks. Its execs hide behind automated phone lines to no where.

I will vehemently recommend to everyone I meet to avoid GE products at all costs.

I also recommend against using Consumer Reports as a guide since it was largely based on its recommendation that we bought this unit to begin with. Lastly, I am contacting the States Attorney;s Consumer Protection Div and any other legal entity related to consumer fraud to force GE to stand behind its (junk) products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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I've had a similar problem with my GE profile refrigerator. 6 months into purchasing the product the latch on the left door broke and it could not stay closed. It was then "recommended" that I purchase an extended warranty (more money in GE's pocket) just in case.

Soon after that the ice machine broke and then the door broke AGAIN where it had to be totally replaced.

After that the ice machine broke for a second time and now the fridge and freezer stopped cooling causing hundreds of dollars of food to have to be trashed because of this. All I was offered is a one time $100 reimbursement. It took a technician over 4 days to come and show up for repair and at the time the fridge began to work for a couple of hours so he was unable to diagnose the problem.

Upon calling back to once again schedule because the temperature in my freezer shot up to 35 and my fridge 50 degrees I was told the next available appointment would be 5 days to get a technician to check out the problem...that doesn't include the time I would have to wait for the compressor to come in the mail and then once again reschedule someone to install the compressor. After throwing a fit because having no fridge for at least 5 days is unacceptable they agreed to reimburse me for an outside technician to come and check out the issue (he came in less than 2 hours) and then GE wouldn't agree to allow the technician to fix the product!!!!!!

I am so disappointed with the products and service that come along with this brand (I own a GE over and microwave too...both of which I've had problems with) and I refuse to ever purchase these pieces of junk again. I need a company that stands by their product and offers customers good service for supporting their brand.

I'm with you Irate_with_GE_junk in regards to contacting the state attorney's consumer protection division. Judging by the horrible feedback on these fridges I'm sure we are not alone in this.


Hi, this is Vikki with GE. i apologize to hear about the difficulties you have experienced with your GE Profile refrigerator. Please email the details to us at and we will look into your situation and see how we can assist you.

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