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Soon after I purchased this refrigerator, the ice maker needed to be replaced, and there have been 4 additional service calls since I had this refrigerator (the water filter repair/replacement of a PCV Board, Noise, and Frost Build Up) and my wood floors have been damaged also. With the frost build up it requires that I turn off the refrigerator for 48 hours and then turn it on for 24 hours before putting in the food into the freezer and refrigerator. There is some kind of leakage issue in the unit. I have LOTS of food. And i did this and the ice build up is happening again so the repair did not work. another service call. GE will replace the unit but wants to charge me $1300 to replace it. Which is crazy!! The extended warranty company with the GE Logo on the letterhead will not replace the unit but is sending me $100.00 to purchase a small refrigerator (which will not hold a lot of food). The repair company said that it will cost $80.00 for them to defrost it... (I purchased a 5-year warranty that will not cover this issue) And the repair company said that this can happen again. and it did and could continue too.. So I will be concerned about what to keep in the refrigerator/freezer! GE has sent me a company to contact to repair the floors and I am waiting for an estimate. I believe that GE and GE warranty company should (after so many repairs and damage to my floors) should replace the refrigerator but will not unless I pay $1300. And I am concerned that once the floors are fixed that it will continue to happen. I have a chronic health challenge and I need to keep a lot of food/medicine in the house for it's not always easy for me to shop. So if you have a need for a reliable refrigerator, I do not recommend GE for when there are many many repairs. if you have health challanges this GE is the wrong decision. They do not stand behind their customers.
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