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Where do I begin? I purchased a new spec home from a builder 3 years ago.

The kitchen was decked out with stylish black GE smooth surface cook top stove, bulit in microwave, and dishwasher.Before moving in, I was encouraged enough by the GE vibe that I stopped at Home Depot and purchased a stainless steel GE fridge and washer and dryer. I have had nothing but problems with EVERY appliance. The microwave door handle broke after being shut a FEW times, the dishwasher has leaked, been repaired twice, and still cannot clean a cereal bowl or coffee cup. The oven bakes hot, and the fridge has already had the ice maker replaced.

Our clothes washing machine has been repaired but still cannot drain anything washed on gentle, and the dryer is extremely hot. We had mainly Kenmore and Maytag appliances at our previous 20 year old home with very few issues.

What happened here??? I am extremely disappointed and think GE needs to address the poor quality of their appliances SOON.

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I redid my kitchen in 2006 and purchased all brand new GE appliances What a MISTAKE that was.I have had nothing but trouble since 2008. The freezer (side by side)has broken almost every 2 mos.

since 2008 of course it is guaranteed for 30 days).I also have to take an insurance policy every year for a couple of hundred $$ & a $25.00 copay each time. I have spoken to ge cust. relations for several months. They offered me $100.00 on a new one :sigh.

Then they said to contact the people that my insurance policy was with.

They (after 4 years) offered to get me a comparable one- less the 5 yrs depreciation, less shipping, installation & removal of the old one. HELP!!!

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