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Everyone knows that electronic extended warranties are a complete ripoff so first of all, shame on me!

I purchased a 5-year GE Extended Warranty on a Denon 3800 DVD player in November 2002 from the Good Guys. The Denon was the second from the top of the line and cost $1,600 new in '02. The salesmen represented this as a repair or replace with the current version and a way to protect my technology.

As fate would have it, the unit went out completely in November 2007 about a month before the warranty was due to expire. I took the unit to a GE-approved repair shop and got GE to approve the repair (replace the motor).

After 6 months and 3 defective motors Denon gave up and said the unit couldn't be repaired (Buyer Beware- Don't ever buy Denon!! But that's another story).

I got a letter from GE a month after Denon gave up and promptly called them. I talked to a complete *** in "Customer Relations" (there's a joke!!)who knew nothing about consumer electronics. He offered me the cheapest, bottom of the barrel P.O.S. DVD player Denon makes (about $150 on Amazon). I told him this unit wasn't even close to the quality of the 3800 and that the 3800 is still made. He assured me an electrical engineer had reviewed and it was equal or better. I asked to talk to a supervisor and was informed that they don't take calls. Their offer was less than the cost of the warranty!!

I wrote GE a letter and offered to compromise but not for $150 on a $1,600 machine. GE replied that they had reviewed the info I sent them (including the technical specs on both DVD machines) and they responded that their offer was fair and they were sorry for the difficulty I was having with my "TV-COLOR 18" OR LESS"!!! Way to send the wrong form letter GE!!

I am contemplating Small Claims Court but GE didn't send a copy of the contract when they took my money and I have no way to prove this was a full replacement contract, not a current market value contract except for my wife's and my recollection. I asked GE for a copy of the contract and they don't have a copy either and instead offered up the current 2008 version which does no good.

Do yourself a favor and don't do business with GE. These problems occur far too often with GE and Jeffrey Immelt and crew don't seem to care. GE used to be a fine US company. No more, no way!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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