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I, too, am a very dissatisfied GE Profile customer. We remodeled our kitchen entirely with GE Profile appliances in late 2003 - early 2004. We paid top dollar for what we thought were quality, top of the line appliances. BOY WERE WE WRONG!! Our Advantium 120 microwave / convection has been repaired 4 times for various issues and is broken again (repeat problem: used the convection oven and apparently fried the unit). Our glass cooktop has been repaired twice; burners replaced. Oven repaired once (don't recall why). Dishwasher repaired twice. One visit identified that the sprayer arm was installed UPSIDE down @ the factory and another time the basket wheels were replaced. And, finally the refrigerator is now dying: the freezer seems to recycle going from zero to 20 degrees. If I wanted soft ice cream, I would go to the nearby ice cream stand.

My husband and I live alone. Our home is well maintained and everything is well taken care of. The GE call center personnel are courteous but could care less that their products stink and do nothing to ensure that they don't lose another customer.

The GE repair guy was great. We were on a first name basis. I knew what he liked in his coffee and made sure that I had a fresh pot waiting for him. On his last visit, he told me that he was retiring at the end of the year (2009).

My husband is a general contractor who does kitchen remodels. We tell EVERYONE about our experience and suggest they never, ever purchase GE products. We are adamant about it. Maybe instead of containing our comments to websites like this, as consumers we need to talk up the issue with anyone who will listen.

Given that I hate GE appliances and our repairman is retired, there is no reasone to continue on this journey. Today, I went shopping for a new microwave - - not a GE that's for sure. And, soon I will be shopping for a new refrigerator. I would bet that GE could care less that they will lose several thousand dollars in revenue. Oh well.

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I have a five year old 26 stainless steel fridge that stopped cooling. Called GE certified tech, on first visit they replaced parts after parts without trying to root cause the issue, after 5 visits, they concluded that some wires in the insulation must have failed, then they tell me that the unit is not repairable.

This is obviously a bad unit, I don't mind repairing a 5 year old unit (which on its own is already a sign of poor quality) but having to replace a fridge because it is not repairable is unacceptable.....

called GE consumer relation, to find out that they won't stand behind it, the only thing they would do is offer me a new unit for 30% more expensive than I can buy it at Home depot or Lowes....the tech left with all the parts and they refuse to at least refund the tech visit....worst experience can a company like GE lose touch with what is right or wrong....they were so rigid, not willing to help at all..


I have GE Profile stainless steel products in my kitchen and LOVE them!


In 2004 we completely remodeled our kitchen including new walls, wiring, flooring, cabnets, and plumbing. The remodel went like clock work. 5 weeks start to finish using the best people in the business. The only problem we have is with the quality of the appliances. All "top of the line." Equipment from GE.

GE profile appliances. The Advantium 120 has been repaired several times under warranty, and extended warranty.

The gas range has been repaired twice and the trash compactor has been repaired. Glade I didn't purchase GE frig and dishwasher.

The service was so slow I quit the extended warranty expense.

I work on some of the most technical equipment made but can't even get the repair data to fix them myself.I have found flaws in the design on both the stove and advantium. I have figured ways that would improve on the products. Door problems, wiring problems, ect.

I have concluded the constant extended warranty repairs are for equipment that is poorly designed. I am still trying to get the repair information.


Hi, this is Vikki with GE. I am sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your GE appliances. Please email the details to us at and we'll gladly look into this for you.

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