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Bought dryer 12/05/2014. In less than 2 yrs.

(2016) timer and *** broke; $128. In March 2018, it started making knocking sounds; $190. in Sept. 2018; metal grinding sounds which service man said drum came loose and was bent, said it could have been dropped.

I told him I only wash 3 loads every 3 wks. because of this it took awhile for it to come loose. that cost me $185. I've now spent over $500 in repairs in less than 4 yrs.!!!

It took forever to try and fix and couldn't guarantee it. Well this morning July 5th, 2019 I turned it on and after 5 min. it sounded like the dryer was falling apart and the grinding metal sound was worse than ever! I will NEVER buy another G.E.

product again.

But think they owe me SOMETHING because now I have to buy another dryer. I am retired on fixed income and did not expect another big expense after only 4 yrs..

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